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zimbabwe\'s neighbors warn against vote

by:Teesso     2019-09-18
2008 International Pioneer tribunal, Harare, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe\'s neighbors have urged Zimbabwe to postpone this week\'s presidential election, where hundreds of people have been defeated and new homeless Zimbabweans have gathered outside the South African embassy to desperately seek help in the election crisis that has plagued the country. By 8:30 p. m.
About 400 people, mostly displaced by recent political violence, are taking off their wool hats, wearing thin jackets and sitting outside on the coldest night of the winter.
In the past few days, almost no one has eaten;
They began to gather outside the embassy in hopes of finding food, water and medical care.
\"This is absolutely desperate,\" said an opposition official . \" He tried to find shelter for 80 women and children at the scene.
The scene was set in a fierce race for regional and international diplomacy, with many African and Western countries saying Friday\'s vote was neither free nor fair.
Officials from Swazi, Angola and Tanzania advertised on Wednesday --the so-
Known as the \"troika\", it is entitled to speak on behalf of the Southern African Development Community, a regional group of 14 countries
Call on Zimbabwe to postpone the vote because the current crisis will undermine its legitimacy.
Queen Elizabeth II has taken a different approach, depriving the country\'s President Robert Mugabe of power for nearly 30 years, the British foreign ministry said on Wednesday, his honorary knight status is a \"sign of disgust\" for human rights violations and \"extreme disregard\" for the democracy he presides over \".
The accusations reflect growing international discontent over Mugabe\'s insistence on holding a presidential runoff on Friday, despite his only rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, due to continued violence and intimidation against him, his party and their supporters, the game was withdrawn on Sunday.
The Mugabe government has a long history of human rights violations, but he was awarded the honorary Knight during his official visit to the UK in 1994, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, \"The situation in Zimbabwe is very different.
But with widespread attacks on the opposition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that \"this honor\" is no longer justified.
It is very rare to remove this title.
A Foreign Ministry spokesman can only think of another time.
Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceaucescu, 1989
The troubled opposition leader, zwanjirai, called on the United Nations on Wednesday to send a peacekeeping force to bring calm to the country and help pave the way for his new election as a \"legitimate candidate.
\"Zimbabwe will collapse if the world doesn\'t come to help us,\" he said in a column
The Guardian reports in London.
On Sunday, zwanjirai took refuge in the Dutch embassy and made a brief appearance on Wednesday to hold a press conference, where he proposed negotiations --
If Mugabe cancels the runoff first
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\"We have said that we are ready to negotiate on this side of the 27 th, not on the other side of the 27 th,\" Reuters reported . \".
But US ambassador to Harare, James McKee, said Mugabe and his party, Zanu-
According to the State Council, PF is determined to hold a decisive victory \"at all costs.
\"We received reports that Zanu-
PF will force people to vote on Friday and take action against those who refuse to vote, \"McGee said in a conference call described by the State Department.
Throughout the country, the needy have fled political violence and are now looking for food, shelter, protection and medical care.
A woman at the Harare church held an 11-month-
Old baby with plaster on the calf.
Her husband, an opposition organizer who later hid, said she was told that supporters of the ruling party were also looking for her.
The next day she fled home with the boy.
She said this is when \"youth\" as the infantry of Zimbabwe\'s ruling party is often called looking for her.
She said her baby boy was taken from the bed and fell on the cement floor and broke his leg.
Later, she stayed at home all day, with a screaming baby, afraid to move.
In the evening, when everything was quiet, she set off and could only take her upset child to the Harvest House at the opposition headquarters.
It took more than half a night on the 12-mile road.
The building was packed with refugees, but she went to the hospital.
Now, his calf sticks out a strange angle under his blue climbing suit and is wrapped in it too --
Plaster of Paris.
Her blanket was stolen and survived a single meal a day with her thin skirt and jacket hanging on her.
Her thin legs look like they will break.
Is her milk dry?
When she looked at her child, her nervous face softened and became beautiful again.
She said he only drank water for three days.
\"I hate Zimbabwe,\" she said . \"
\"I\'m leaving.
\"A version of this article was published in the International Herald Tribune on June 26, 2008.
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