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women of childbearing age still aren\'t getting enough folic acid

by:Teesso     2019-09-03
Women of childbearing age in Anaheim spend at least 400 micrograms a day.
This blank prescription is designed to prevent the risk of a class of potentially devastating birth defects.
A government study now found that the vast majority of these women did not meet this standard.
Nationwide, the average price is 40 percentage points lower than the recommended minimum price.
In the past 12 years, federal law has stipulated that 140 μg of folic acid must be added to all folic acid-rich cereal products in the United States.
Every 100 grams of vitamins
This regulation is designed to help women-especially those who may not be aware of their pregnancy-take folic acid daily
Minimum recommended acid in the United StatesS.
Public health services.
Sarah Tinke and her colleaguespart of the )
It is now reported that, despite this strengthening, less than 24% of the age groups most likely to be pregnant have reached the folic acid quota.
Tinker\'s team found frustrating statistics by screening the dietary survey data of 2,617 non-pregnant women aged between 15 and 44.
All participated in the regular federal snapshot from 2003 to 2006, which was designed as a statistically representative random crossover
Part of the United States
Few women meet this standard and change with age-starting at 15.
Women aged 24 and under accounted for 5% to 28.
Women aged 35 and over accounted for 2% per cent.
There are enough folic acid intake to change more dramatically with ethnic groups, 9% of non-
The proportion of black Hispanic whites is as high as 30%. Fewer than one-in-10 high-
The students who dropped out reached the lowest level.
For high women, the average rise to more than 16%
School degree or.
Even a little college or education after high school is raised to 33% and women get enough B-vitamin.
But the biggest factor affecting intake is whether women take supplements that contain folic acid frequently.
People in almost three quarters received at least a minimum daily allowance.
Most people get more than that.
Among women who do not take this vitamin supplement, those who are most likely to take the lowest amount of folic acid on a regular basis achieve the lowest level by taking the fortified breakfast cereal on a regular basis.
In fact, the researchers pointed out that folic acid
If it weren\'t to force the strengthening of grain, bread and pasta, the sour condition of American women would be worse than it is now.
New data were reported at the annual meeting in April 25.
This conference is an umbrella conference sponsored by ASN and five other biomedical research associations (
Including 17 other guest clubs this year).
Data from the Tinker group will also be available.
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