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women in tightly-fitted clothes as dangerous as aids, says female cleric

by:Teesso     2019-09-04
Chairman of Jamat women\'s organization-e-Islami Hind (JIH)
Atiya Siddiqua spoke on the sidelines of an event to eliminate misconceptions about Islam.
On Friday, a Muslim goddess said in a statement that should be brought to the attention of the Hornets that women in tight clothing --
Fitting clothes are like pollutants that cause harm to society.
The cleric continues to accuse \"these women\" of increasing rape in the country and says these women are as dangerous to society as AIDS (
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome).
Chairman of Jamat women\'s organization-e-Islami Hind (JIH)
Atiya Siddiqua spoke on the sidelines of an event to eliminate misconceptions about Islam.
In response to the reporter\'s question about why Muslim women should protect themselves without such conditions for men, Siddiqua said that purdah is in the best interests of women.
\"Women should protect themselves for their own safety, because we don\'t know what intentions men will use to see us. Bepurdah (uncovered)
Women are polluting the environment.
People are worried about air pollution and water pollution, but the biggest pollution for society is pollution. uncovered)women.
It is these women who pollute the environment. . .
AIDS is spreading and rape is increasing.
Women in chust (tight)
Clothes pollute the environment.
Siddiqua also stated that women should only go out if necessary.
\"Baahar ghhoomte Hahn, Ministry of Rural Development.
Aajkal aurtein bhi baahar ghoomti Hahn.
Bacche kahaan jayenge phir Agar dono baahar rahein.
Basic needs of Orton Ko Siff
In Bhartiya sabhyata ke bhi khilaaf hai (Men go out.
Nowadays, women always go out.
In this case, women should go out of the house only to meet basic needs.
These run counter to Indian culture. )
Siddiqua and a number of other Muslim clergy are among the spokespersons for an event organized by JIH, which aims to raise awareness of the Muslim personal law.
Like the All-India Muslim Personal Law Council (AIMLB)
JIH also strongly opposes the center\'s position on the issue of triple talaaq and the unified civil code.
JIH announced the launch of two-
A one-week national initiative called the Muslim movement for personal legal awareness (MPLAC).
\"It is necessary to educate, promote and reform the Muslim society as a whole.
The main reasons for violating Islamic law (Islamic laws)
Muslims lack awareness.
But these things can be solved by creating awareness, and there is no reason to interfere with Muslim personal laws.
JIH members said the center politicised the triple talaq issue, which is not the biggest problem for Indian Muslims.
\"Triple talaaq is not a common practice in Muslim families.
Few people divorce their wives in this way.
Muslims in India have a bigger problem.
\"The government should deal with these issues,\" they said . \"
The triple talaq issue has become a thorny issue as the Supreme Court is hearing a case questioning the constitutional validity of the practice of some Muslims declaring talaq an invalid marriage, the Arab word for divorce, three times.
On October 7, the federal government, the Supreme Court, strongly opposed triple Talak and other Islamic practices, such as \"Hala\" and polygamous, it was also in favor of revisiting the continuation of this practice on the grounds of gender equality and secularism.
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