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woman has massive stomach tumor removed after 13 years

by:Teesso     2019-09-20
A tumor the size of a newborn baby has been removed from the stomach of a British woman who has grown there for 13 years and she does not know.
Beverley Jaundrill, 53, noticed the lump more than a decade ago, but didn\'t realize it had been growing since she lost weight this year.
Warning: 8 in recent months. 8-
The growth of the pound has become so big and so heavy that she has to hold it in her hands to prevent it from being dragged down.
Due to the extreme pain the tumor caused her, she could not sit or lie down properly, and she coughed for malignant cancer.
Jaundrill, from Preston, Lancashire, said she tried to hide lumps protruding from the side of her body by wearing loose clothes.
The huge pain eventually brought her to the Royal Liverpool Hospital where the doctor diagnosed the lump as a tumor.
Muscle joints are an uncommon malignant cancer that affects any part of the body and is usually identified when they are like a can of beans.
A woman in Texas moved to the hospice after a bad operation in Mexico, and the family said sjaundrill had an operation that successfully removed the tumor and the size of the tumor reached
1 kg from her abdomen
She decided to tell her shocking story, hoping it would be a warning to someone else to check the lump.
\"I know it shouldn\'t be there, but I was scared and didn\'t do anything,\" Jaundrill said . \".
\"It got so painful and heavy that I had to put my hand under the tumor to carry it.
I still have a bad cough-I was scared to know what it was.
\"When it reaches a certain size, it grows outward from the side of my body, so I can\'t wear a normal top,\" she said . \".
\"I was really scared the morning of the surgery, and I kept thinking, will I wake up after that?
\"A few days before the death of Bride cancer\" but I had a great stay and there was nothing to ask for anymore --
\"Everyone is very kind to me,\" Jaundrill said . \".
\"For anyone who is worried about the lump, my suggestion is to come early and not leave as I did when the lump got bigger.
\"Jaundrill is now undergoing radiation therapy to eliminate any further risk of recurrence of the tumor.
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