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Canadians often boast that their ancestors came from other places.
Now the Mondetta costume will let you put those bragging rights on your shirt. Winnipeg-
The famous flag based in mondita is re-opened-
Front Jersey
It stopped producing them in 2000.
But a bit twisted.
Your flag is in front, just like it is in Canada, and the flag of your ancestors is on the arm.
It\'s hard to get more Canadians than this.
Especially in the United States, the controversy over immigration and refugees is more striking.
\"You can hang a Canadian flag in front, my nephew, like the Ugandan flag on the sleeve,\" said Ash Modha, CEO and founder of Mondetta . \".
\"So many people are asking us to bring the shirt back and we think it\'s the right way to do it, but it\'s not the same thing,\" Modha said . \".
Mondetta\'s latest fashion statement will be presented this weekend at New York Fashion Week, a well-known event to showcase international fashion designs to buyers, media and the public.
This will be the fourth time mondita will attend the event.
Do something different and it will have a pop music
It is on display in a coffee shop in SoHo, New York.
Help promote its immigration
Themed shirt, mondita has signed up for a show Saturday by South Africa\'s anti-Mandela activist and grandson Ndaba Mandela
Leader of apartheid
It also hopes to bring in Trevor Noah, The Daily presenter.
Mondetta was 16-32 years ago-year-
Old Moda began printing business cards to make T-
Shirt for college crowd.
Next, his brother Prashant added their talent with two 18-year-old friend Raj Bahl.
It was originally called dimension 100 and then in 1987 when they started selling T-
A shirt on a trolley on the beach.
When Modha saw the German flag on the front bumper of the car, he thought of the flag.
\"The whole thing started in their 80 s and 90 s.
We ran for many years.
It has been \"recalibrated\" several times since then, including opening an active wear line under the MPG brand (
Performance gear)in 2002.
At 2015, it took on the United States. S.
Webster Capital, a private equity firm based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Over time
Increase sales to a long-term target of $0. 25 billion.
Due to the rapid growth in recent years, mondita\'s sales have exceeded the mark of $100 million.
Mondetta and MPG employ more than 100 people locally, have supply chains in 42 different countries, have offices in Shanghai, and have showrooms in the United StatesS.
Modha attributed the need for its flag jersey to two things.
First, nostalgia for 1990.
\"What\'s happening now is that old vintage brands like champions and Tommy Hilfiger are cool now,\" he said . \".
But the second factor is the rise of nationalism for refugees and immigrants, especially in the United States.
Flag shirts with flag patches on their sleeves are a rebuttal to the immigration dispute, indicating that many of us started elsewhere.
\"This shows our understanding of these events, which we think is important,\" Modha said . \".
Mandela should help with the discussion.
\"People come to drink coffee and flags trigger a conversation,\" Modha said . \".
It also attacked the neighborhood of Modha\'s home of East Indian descent.
His parents moved the family to Uganda in order to run a sugar cane plantation.
Under the rule of dictator Idi Amin, Hindus were expelled from the country with only clothes on them.
Under the leadership of then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada received 10,000 refugees, including the Moda family.
He was four years old.
Modha believes that Canada\'s willingness to accept a large number of Syrian refugees is parallel.
So Mondetta doesn\'t mind a little bit of controversy about its clothes.
\"Fashion should lead to dialogue.
It should not be just milk toast.
\"We believe that flag jerseys can do this,\" Moda said . \".
The name Mondetta comes from the concept of the global village, meaning \"small world \".
\"Local retailers under belts and Boathouse are running the new mondita collection.
There are also online. bill.
Redekop @ freepress. mb.
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