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why so many women wore white to the state of the union address

by:Teesso     2019-09-04
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, written by Oscar Holland, is wearing a white suit coat and shirt behind him.
Before him, a group of women members put on a series of white clothes, and the expression was obviously not impressed.
Even his daughter Tiffany was photographed wearing white clothes, and social media speculated that the choice might not be just a coincidence.
President Trump\'s State of the Union is full of white.
A bold statement by the House working group on Democratic women showed that dozens of members coordinated dress to show solidarity among women.
New Democrats. elected Rep.
Alexander occassio
Cortes in New York was seen wearing a white cloak, a representative of New York.
Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is wearing a white vest and trousers with a blue headscarf and a red shirt. U. S. Rep.
Alexander occassio
Cortes greets other lawmakers before the American Chamber of Commerce delivers its state of the Union addressS.
February 5, 2019 in the House of Washington, D. C.
Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images on behalf of North America/Getty Images.
Dean Phillips of Minnesota attended the rally and came to the house wearing a white jacket with a black lapels and a button that said \"Yes times ,(
Reference on amendments to equal rights).
It is reported that the ribbon was distributed to people who are not very fashionable --forward men.
The move exposed the contrast between the two parties, creating a clear disagreement in the chamber, while drawing attention to Melania and Ivanka\'s choice of black clothing.
But the role of White in American politics is more than a century earlier than today\'s differences. Rep.
Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is wearing a white vest and trousers with a blue headscarf and a red shirt.
Image source: Win McNamee/Getty Images North America/Getty imag, especially colors related to the movement of the status of women.
Those who advocated women\'s voting rights in the early days used white as a symbol of purity, usually purple as a symbol of dignity and green as a symbol of hope.
Women\'s participation in politics also used white people to reassure onlookers that their protests were notaggressive.
According to the representative, Trump\'s State of the Union address.
The move by Lois Frankel of Florida, chairman of the working group, on Tuesday was a direct endorsement of the movement.
\"Wearing women\'s white clothes is a message of respect for women\'s solidarity across the country, and a declaration that we will no longer continue to work --
She told CNN before Tuesday\'s speech.
In the state of the Union address, the female MP cheered for Trump, and the White continued to be a symbol of women\'s political participation.
Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to be elected to Congress, was sworn in on 1969 in white.
Geraldine Ferraro did the same when he was nominated as the first female vice presidential candidate in the United States.
In recent years, thanks to the soft power influence of Ruth Beidle Ginsberg\'s decorated collarbone, Hillary Clinton has often put on white suits, most notably accepting the presidential nomination of her party in 2016.
This is not Trump\'s first encounter with a white ocean: In 2017, a group of female Democrats synchronized their costumes to Congress for a joint speech, to raise awareness of women\'s issues such as reproductive rights and equal pay.
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