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why do the british get school uniforms so wrong?

by:Teesso     2019-10-30
On Monday morning, a pile of stiff new school uniforms will head for school.
The straw boatman will follow Bob.
Tsars\'s eyes will stare at ties to see if they are knotted in a properly sober and high settingup fashion.
Most children run away when they are sick. fitting, maxi-poly-
Mixed clothing that limits the movement, of course, will not score.
Maybe in a school near you, some children will wear the latest school uniform.
Trend, the most common performance on the baseball cap.
Three of my tall men on Mondayyear-
The eldest daughter will go to school in a pleated skirt (
Specify the minimum size provided by the supplier)
This is within the kiss distance of her ankle, giving her the air of an elderly religious woman with uncertain beliefs.
What should children wear to school?
Meanwhile, in north London, a friend\'s child will run to school boldly --
A colorful polo shirt similar to a football stripe, under a baseball jacket, in the same cheerful tone.
It\'s so cool, it\'s trendy in Williamsburg, and ironically, I\'m pretty sure my model agent friend will swing the exact same way in Shoreditch at the same time.
This new peppy uniform is optional and the school is divided on whether or not to be unified, so some will and some will not. How fair.
How about north London?
How strange-optional uniform?
Start a new school?
Is Tom Parker Bowles right about boarding school?
Supermarket price war: Aldi announced a 4-pound school uniform ban on \"fat knot\" school Relations. the behavior czar school criticized allowing children to wear jogging at the end of school: What every parent should know is that, uniforms in the UK are marching and they are heading in the wrong direction as we seem to forget the meaning of uniforms.
The school uniform should have some basic functions: it should be affordable, comfortable and practical.
It should help to save time for parents and children in the morning.
It should also-and that\'s where we get into the tricky subjective realm-make the kids look good at least.
What impressed me was that most schools did not achieve good results in meeting these basic standards.
In recent days, the price of school uniforms has been a hot topic in the parent forum.
I just invested 150 on polyester and I feel sorry for myself.
Gillian Guy, chief executive of citizen Consulting, said: \"Parents told us that tuition fees are more expensive this year than last year.
Buying from a particular store will allow parents to lack cheaper options in terms of term clothing.
Low wages and tight family budgets mean that some people rely on borrowing money from friends and family.
\"In fact, the latest data from the citizen\'s opinion shows that in order to pay for a new uniform, parents have to borrow money every quarter.
To reduce the financial burden on the family, members of the student clothing Association manufacture or distribute three
School uniforms in the UK have started 1,200 signed and counted petitions
Calls for a wage sacrifice plan similar to a childcare voucher to allow parents to buy uniforms with tax-free money.
This seems to be an interesting idea.
If families cannot afford school uniforms for their children, the local education authorities have already provided assistance.
Nevertheless, read all these costs
The cuts made me wonder why we bought them.
I love the idea of uniforms-building community spirit and being productive in the morning --
But most children don\'t look good in their clothes.
While entertaining, the trend of hipsters seems dangerous.
Fashion is changeable.
Official guidance from the Ministry of Education has repeatedly warned schools to consult their children when choosing school uniforms.
Isn\'t this a prescription for miniskirts, skinny jeans, and premium sneakers?
Many schools, especially primary schools, currently require children to wear jerseys or polo shirts with school signs and gray trousers.
More and more people, especially in the new colleges, have a tendency to restore more formal uniforms, including school trail blazers and ties.
According to Matthew Easter, president of the school uniform Association: \"school uniforms are now clearly related to academic performance and good behavior, and therefore, we see more and more schools and colleges upgrading to smarter, higher quality uniforms.
\"I love the idea that school uniforms teach students the importance of being decent in formal occasions in addition to creating a sense of community.
But the quality of most state school uniforms I see doesn\'t seem to follow the idea: School uniforms from any given supplier are a body type, so it\'s too narrow or too wide for most students.
The school is full of school spirit and chooses fancy colors that are generally disagreeable.
This is not professional dress training.
So, if we don\'t succeed in the formal uniform, the cool kit seems dangerous, should we turn to casual but uniform gear?
Last year, a primary school in Harrogate was criticized for ordering parents to dress Vicky Pollard\'s children --
Stylish jogging pants compared to trendy pants, skirts or pine nuts.
Parents protested that such sloppy uniforms would \"lower standards\" and Chris McGovern, president of the real education movement, said the idea promoted \"Vicky Pollard\'s view of education\", referring to sportswear-
In small Britain, teenagers who wear clothes commit crimes.
The Rossett Acre Primary School defended the decision by insisting that children aged four or five would make sense to wear \"smart and practical\" clothes.
It makes sense to me: if we can\'t be smart in a cost-effective and beautiful way, shouldn\'t our children at least be comfortable?
Should we still follow the Chinese on all education issues?
Guess what, their kids wear sportswear.
Some people oppose school uniforms, saying that a major part of student education is the development of personality (agreed)
This is reflected by the choice of clothing (hmm. Really?
Of course, the development of personality and self should go far beyond the identification with the goth or abrcombe.
Of course, the time to learn the appearance is not everything as soon as possible. )
Lack of unity to cultivate personality?
So far, even the most pro-French of us have found that children in Paris sometimes throw food, some moms are fat, and their 35-
One hour of work per week was not carried out as planned.
In fashion, however, it may still be safe to listen to our Gaul friends.
When I complained about school uniforms in the UK, my French friend shrugged and recalled that before the student riots in 1968, the children just went to school in their own clothes, put on their work clothes and protect them in school days.
This custom is now mistaken in France as an authoritarian era, and so far its revival has only been brought forward occasionally --
Suitable candidate
But still comfortable. Practical. One-size-fits-all.
Maybe we should give up the pre-concept.
Dress professionally and follow \"ancient French \".
It may not be a bad idea.
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