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where would ronald reagan fall on the gop meter?

by:Teesso     2019-09-29
When conservatives gathered at the National Port for their annual party on Thursday, it was home to Ronald Reagan everywhere.
He will be mentioned in the speech, he will appear in the form of life
He will appear on posters and buttons.
The dinner of the event was held in his name.
Reagan was the king at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Many Republicans who compete to become president will join him feverishly. But do they?
In terms of the loop, Crowdpac is a group that digs campaign and political data and distributes ideological scores, and he will talk to many Republican presidential candidates during Reagan\'s administration at the CPAC 4-
A meeting of the day to see who is most like Gipper.
Crowdpac analyzed the donations of politicians during the campaign and during their tenure.
It also takes into account voting records for members of Congress.
Crowdpac\'s algorithm uses these variables to measure the confrontation between politicians.
Called cluster analysis.
As a presidential candidate, Reagan is considered the most conservative in this field.
But this is not the case in today\'s politicians.
One caveat to the data is that when Reagan ran for president in 1980 and 1984, the political effort was very different from today\'s.
No super PACs.
Not so much money.
So there\'s more data to be analyzed today.
Still, the chart above is still an interesting way to illustrate that Reagan will be within the political realm of 2015. If CPAC-
Viewers are looking for a replica of Reagan who may want to hear the voice of the Wisconsin government.
Former Texas governor Rick Perry Sen Scott WalkerMarco Rubio (Fla. )
Ben Carson, at least according to this analysis.
Highlights how the Republicans split, several potential top
The first-level candidate is on the edge of a conservative continuum. New Jersey Gov.
Chris Christie and former Florida governor Jeb Bush are far less conservative than Reagan and sang. Ted Cruz (Tex. )and Rand Paul (Ky. )
More conservative.
When the CPAC was founded in 1973, it was basically created for Reagan and conservatives like him.
At the 1984 meeting, then-Rep.
Mitch Edwards (R-Okla. )
\"These are the armies of the Reagan revolution,\" he said.
Conservative Republicans today have no Reagan-style unity.
But they want one, and that\'s why all the presidential candidates (
Including Christie and Bush.
Want to face time in front of Reagan\'s old infantry.
Penn Republican adviser Charlie Groo, who has been in CPAC since the Reagan era, said many would claim Reagan\'s legacy.
But while many candidates have their own advantages (
Jero\'s support for black horse Carly Fiorina)
He said that this is no way to compare with Gipper.
\"Ronald Reagan has only one and trying to trace his eternal quest to clone him is a failed task,\" Gerow said . \".
At the end of each meeting, participants voted in the presidential election.
Of course, out of 1980 and 1984, they chose Reagan.
They voted for George W.
Bush in 2000 and Mitt Romney in 2012.
But over the past two years, they voted for Rand Paul, the most conservative option, according to Crowdpac\'s calculations.
Well, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was hit in the media after telling the Republican Party last week
On Wednesday, some business executives said he did not believe \"the president loves the United States\" or that President Obama \"did not love you \".
He doesn\'t love me either.
He didn\'t grow up like you, I grew up through love for this country.
Giuliani stepped back a little later.
The Post fact Investigator Glenn Kessler gave him up to four pounds in bonuses, which can only be obtained by squandering some high pricesoctane baloney.
So, maybe it\'s time to take a break from the bad weather of the Big Apple?
Yes, Giuliani delivered a keynote speech at 2015 Investment Summit in Puerto Rico on Thursday (PRIS)
In the beautiful San Juan.
Mid-term temperature is expected
In his 80 s under cloudy skies.
Giuliani does not have to leave the country either.
There\'s some speculation in Puerto Rican media.
In 2012, in a poll in Puerto Rico, Obama beat Romney by 75% to 23%.
The commotion on his comments could lead to a meeting partly sponsored by the Puerto Rican government asking Hizzoner to withdraw.
The governor of the island called these comments \"very unfortunate \"(
\"Muy desacertadas \")
But support his presence.
Giuliani told reporters on Tuesday night that he did speak on Thursday. (
Did we mention the medium temperature? 80s? )
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Correction: Earlier versions of the article mistakenly said that in 2012, President Obama defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney in Puerto Rico at 75%-23%.
The data came from opinion polls.
Puerto Rican residents did not vote in the presidential election.
This version has been corrected. —
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