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where to go in hong kong

by:Teesso     2019-11-25
Wan Chai Computer Center-
Various computers available at Storey mall-
Related products with lower prices.
The Wan Chai Computer Center is smaller than the gold computer center, but it has less traffic and easier shopping than the gold computer center.
There are some employees who speak basic English.
Chinese tourists.
However, be careful to buy expensive products.
I was told that the products offered by Wan Chai Computer Center are cheaper because they are sometimes defective.
These products have warranty, but it is very troublesome for tourists to replace the defective products purchased after returning to their hometown.
If you are worried about buying a defective product, simply purchase a product with a lower price such as a hard drive, mouse or laptop case.
How to get to: Wan Chai metro station, exit A4, left turn address: 130 Hennie West Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong the Rainy days of Rainy tany anime fans or Japanese fanatics I have read Kuasome magazine will drool on the vast collection of Japanese books in this bookstore.
It sells a variety of books including comics (comics), novels, self-
Help books, cooking books, children\'s books and women\'s magazines!
There are some sofas in the shop where you can sit down and enjoy the books.
What I like about Yahiya is women\'s magazine.
In addition to being drawn to the cute layout of magazines, I love the free items that are bundled with them!
I can\'t read Japanese, but I went to the bookstore twice during a trip in Hong Kong.
In addition, there is a small cafe in the store, where boring companions can wait for you and relax with a cup of coffee.
Access: Exit d2, Causeway Bay Metro station.
There are several entrance doors in the mall.
I usually go in from the entrance to big George Street.
The escalator closest to there is only 6 or 7 floors at most and you have to take the elevator to the top floor.
Address: 11/F, Chongguang department store, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong/Victoria PeakCredit: the tram is on the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain is a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong.
There are two ways to reach the top of the mountain: by bus and by tram.
Peak Tram is definitely one of the things you should not miss if you are going to Hong Kong! This century-
The old tram is safe and has been upgraded several times.
The tram runs at full speed about 6 metres per second.
I only take the bus when the Peak Tram is out of service.
I had a good time on the bus, but it didn\'t match the tram.
At the summit: once you reach the peak, you can spend half of the day (
Or the rest of your day)
Shopping or dining out The Peak Tower and the highest.
View the sky terrace at the highest panoramic viewing platform in Hong Kong at the summit Tower.
You can enter the entrance using the Octopus card.
You can also purchase the Peak Tram Sky pass to get a peak discount card that offers you a special discount at 30 selected institutions.
If you like nature rather than shopping, you can go to the park and enjoy outdoor activities.
How to get there: Central Metro station, exit j2.
It is about 15 minutes walk along Garden Road.
Address: The rice pizza shop at the lower terminal of the Peak Tram of Garden Road, Hokkaido city center, Hong Kong: the rainy kutoi food introduction is really good!
Toi is a Japanese restaurant offering unique and delicious food.
The food was delicious, which made them more mouth-watering.
I didn\'t get a chance to taste other food on their menu except rice pizza, I really regret it.
Still, I am very happy with their rice pizza and I can\'t wait to taste it again!
There was a warning though: they were expensive and I read on the forum that some people complained about their poor service.
I have only been to the Sha Tin Mall branch.
The staff there were nice but it took them about 30 minutes to serve us food.
Causeway Bay Branch (
In Yidong Square)
Always a long line (
This may mean it could be a highquality branch).
This restaurant is essential if you are a pizza and/or rice lovertry.
Boulevard credit for Park Lane shoppers: rainy Kuasome for Park Lane shoppers Avenue stores.
Park Lane shopping Avenue, located next to Kowloon Park, is a series of brand stores along Nathan Road.
You can buy clothes, luggage, bags, shoes, watches and hair accessories when you are walking to and from the harbor city (
A popular shopping center on Guangdong Road).
Some of the stores you can find are Babila, Geox, G2000, Yuehua specialty stores, Ashworth, Tissot and Swarovski.
Access: Exit a1, Tsim Sha Tsui metro station. Address: 111-
181 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui parklane shopper\'s list of Hong Kong stores on the Boulevard of BoulevardThe Parklane shoppers does not have a website and I cannot find the complete list of stores on the Internet.
I did some research for your convenience and put forward my own list.
This is not a complete list and I can\'t guarantee the accuracy of it as some shops may have closed or moved somewhere else.
If I miss any of the stores or have any errors in the list, please let me know in the comment box so I can update my list.
London acupuncture (lingerie)Alexander III (men\'s wear)
Ash (Ash)ladies\' wear)
ChevignonChoi Feng honggchow Sang Chow Tai Fu (jewellery)
City of chainclarkscoscoscodileexclusivefancl HouseFilaFortress (appliances)
Japanese puppet show (g2000)
Footwear and bags
Chen Ji, LacosteLam (accessories)
Luke Fogg jewelry
Women\'s shoes)
Santa Roberta (bags)Prince Fur Co. Pro Cam-
Miracle (lingerie)
Hall 2, Royal sports (
Luggage, belt, luggage)SkechersSphere (travel bags)
Staccatoswarovskitissottogh JeansmithTse Sui Lian JewelleryTung Fang HungUnion (footwear)
VeekoWalker ShopWoo Ping An shares.
Yue Dong Jianhua OutletZhong Qiao (
Chinese medicine)
BossiniCredit: bosstorei lives in a third world country, so I think it\'s really affordable if I tell you that a particular brand is very affordable.
Bossini is one of the most affordable brands I have encountered in Hong Kong.
The Fort Lion Dragon is available in various colors.
Most of them are normal and the rest are striped.
There are some more attractive clothes, of course, but the price is a bit high.
Over the past few years, I have been to Hong Kong during Christmas, and the plain and striped shirts are barely on the shelves.
I go to see them every year.
I think this increases the chance to get the same shirt as hundreds of bosini buyers.
Most people avoid meeting a stranger in the same clothes as them.
But I think plainclothes are safe and necessary.
In your closet.
I bought some shirts there for prices ranging from HK $49 to HK $99.
So if you want some normal, affordable, good quality clothes, go to Bossini and buy them.
Uniqlo: I first heard of Uniqlo when I was traveling in Japan a few years ago.
Our local guide introduced us to this store and told us that Uniqlo is a very popular and affordable brand in Japan.
I was ecstatic when I learned that Uniqlo has opened some branches in Hong Kong!
Uniqlo\'s stores are large and they offer a large collection of clothing.
Their products are of high quality, including shirts, underwear, sportswear, sweat pants, jeans, sweaters, sweaters, belts, and the list continues.
They also have special tops with sun protection (
I don\'t know how many UPF they have).
In every mall I \'ve visited in Hong Kong, I go to Uniqlo.
That\'s how I like the brand.
I highly recommend it.
In June 15, 2012, Uniqlo opened its first store in the Philippines from Tokyo to Manila.
It has 4,000 customers on the opening day!
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