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what is the one thing cambridgeshire desperately needs?

by:Teesso     2019-09-06
Cam County is already a very amazing place to live, but it holds the boat on the ground of the Cam River, which makes it scream for one thing --
Breakthrough research, through the beautiful walks of Fens, has brilliant shopping in Peterborough.
But that doesn\'t mean we understand it completely.
On Facebook, we ask our readers what is one thing that camgeshire desperately wants to get a variety of answers, from large branded stores to improvements in the county\'s transportation infrastructure.
We have selected some of the best ideas and you can vote for your favorite in the poll below.
To be honest, we \'ve officially got the best shopping in the UK, but there are a few big brands that don\'t show up here.
So far, Ikea is the most popular.
Affordable Apartment
The pack furniture company in Sweden is not in cam County, which means you have to venture out (
Most likely to go to Milton Keynes)
Fix your meatballs and coffee table.
Many readers say they want more independent stores.
There have also been calls to fill empty storefronts for local businesses at lower rents.
Many people ask for a new toy store.
With the disappearance of toy fight city and other children\'s stores, cam county really needs a new toy store.
One reader said they wanted a mataran and others said how hard it was to find affordable clothes for boys in Cambridge.
There\'s one in Peterborough and one in Bury St Edmonds, but for some of us it\'s just a little bit of a drive for a store.
On the list of some readers, a shopping center in the field ranks high.
Whether it\'s Cambridge or a shopping mall out of town, there\'s plenty of parking and no traffic is amazing.
Many visitors to the county are disappointed with the nightlife, and most of the people who live here are disappointed!
We have some great bars in cam county but that\'s it.
One reader suggested a drink.
The free bar, which we feel is an amazing addition to Cambridge or Erie (
Also very suitable).
If you don\'t drink, what you can do at night is really limited and no one else is drunk by your side.
Others have asked why there is no gay bar in Cambridge for only one night a month, which does not really mean a reduction.
Concert space is another thing on the wish list.
There is an intersection in Cambridge where Peterborough plays at the ABAX Stadium.
But what is really needed is a large dedicated music venue to attract the big wrist to the county.
Imagine you don\'t have to go to London all the time to see your favorite band.
Some readers suggest shopping late at night, what an amazing idea it would be.
Imagine that you can browse your favorite shops at night instead of crossing all the traffic into town after work.
Surprisingly, we don\'t have these big names in cam County.
Why is there no harvester, Cheesecake Factory, TGI Friday or even Toby Kaver (
OK some are in this county but we need more).
Some readers also recommended Chili\'s, which did have a Cambridge restaurant before it was closed a while ago.
But we are clearly not over.
A reader also likes KFC restaurant very much.
It\'s a really cool idea who can blame them for wanting to have more street food venues.
If you have been to Southeast Asia, you will know that their street food games are so powerful.
It would be great to get something like this in cam County.
Although we have to say that there are some gems in the market and the food Park.
However, some readers are not so interested in the idea of the whole restaurant and they say they do not want to see the food store again in the county.
There are a lot of very interesting things for what cam County needs, and there are some very strange suggestions.
Perhaps the most controversial thing is that Cambridge needs a better football team.
Other, more bizarre suggestions include a nudist beach and an f1 track, even though there is no coastline.
Some of the more intelligent and realistic options include a roller disco, an indoor BMX park, more bingo halls and a flamingo sanctuary, which will be a midsummer public or ferry
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