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What is the fabric CVC? CVC cotton T-shirt?

by:Teesso     2020-05-02
CVC is cotton as the main value of textiles; Polyester and cotton blended yarn, which is generally higher than that of polyester cotton content called the CVC yarn, whereas for T/C yarn, but the general term of CVC yarn in cotton content more than 65%, the content of C/T ratio 55/45, whereas called T/C yarn. CVC fabric is only two ingredients of polyester and cotton fabric, when cotton component content is equal to or more than 50% of the fabric. Can be called a CVC cotton fabrics, because the fabric of polyester fiber ingredients, so it has good abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance. Many clothes labels printed with polyester/cotton or polyester cotton, cotton polyester is here refers to the CVC fabric, cotton content at about 60%, said on the other hand, the tc cotton content only about 40%. On price, CVC cotton than tc is a bit expensive. Because CVC fabric wrinkle resistance is better, a lot of lapel t-shirts made of this fabric round collar T-shirt also has, but relatively fewer than lapel. Although the CVC is less than pure cotton on the handle, but since it is not easy to wrinkle, also popular with many people.
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