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What is a good fabric T-shirt usually use

by:Teesso     2020-04-29
Volkswagen as a joker sheet is tasted, t-shirts in any match with any clothes, will not less, the world's highest sales item should be only a T-shirt. Along with the social development, various high-tech has penetrated to the apparel industry, nano fouling resistance, wearable, intelligent charging, such as technology, has been applied to t-shirts and other clothing. In fact, in the small make up, as a simple dress, and also not special industries, the stunt concept, it is good, happy actually not much use. Is good for the T-shirt, I think 100% cotton, dozens of yuan a piece of clothing, wear a summer no problem, even in the second year can continue to wear, how many people I want to also do not want to wear. Even as high as 2000 pieces of armani T-shirt, people can afford to buy, also won't wear a long time, people can't afford to buy, also won't go to buy, also don't talk about how long does it take to wear. Some people would say, pure cotton knit, deformation, these have to do is pay attention to in the daily cleaning, not so serious. In other words, like polyester fabrics, not easy to wrinkle, also will not deformation, and the price is cheaper than cotton, but most people still choose pure cotton fabrics. ( Except functional quick-drying t-shirts, quick-drying T-shirt is made of polyester, suitable for sweat more, sports people wear) Speak comfort, t-shirts, this kind of clothes, cotton content above 90% is the best.
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