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What does the cleaning methods of T-shirt customization design

by:Teesso     2020-04-24
The cleaning methods of T-shirt customization design? Today to share some custom-made T-shirt cleaning method: first of all, the T-shirt customization design done, when cleaning, must see clearly indicated on the clothes washing method for cleaning. Don't wash, also don't and other dark clothes washed together, this will ruin your T-shirt. In washing, had better choose neutral washing detergent, at the same time of cleaning, bear in mind that cannot use hot water immersion. If the T-shirt printing design customized style, more attention should be paid to when the washing, don't rub for printing parts, if the hard job, printing design can present mucilage cracking, and will drop, which will affect the whole clothes beautiful degree, and is the most important, is when the custom-made T-shirt is a little color, do not use bleach, such as clean with bleach, not only can harden fabric, and will be out of shape. So, when washing a T-shirt everybody must pay attention to the washing method.
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