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by:Teesso     2019-09-08
At ten o\'clock A. M. , there was a young woman sitting across the table.
She is an accountant who comes here for a job interview.
I looked at her resume and three things stood out right away. 1.
She said she didn\'t want to work long hours.
Maybe it\'s not the smartest thing to write on a resume, but at least she\'s honest. 2.
Under the heading \"computer skills\", she wrote down \"Internet surfing \".
I looked at it for a while but couldn\'t decide which side of the balance sheet I should enter this information --
Assets or liabilities. 3.
She claims that she is proficient in VAT and service taxes, but is not proficient in goods and services taxes. Hey Ram!
The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that she was a strong supporter of Congress and decided that it would be against her to make forms of what Rahul Gandhi politely called the GABA Singh tax
Even though I would love to rebut with the iconic Sholay conversation, \"kya soch kar aaye?
Ki Sardaar bahoot khus hoga of Kyon saabasi dega?
I just said, \"please take it ! \"’11.
At twenty-three o\'clock A. M. , the prime minister announced that he would make a big statement between 11: 00. At 45 and twelve o\'clock P. M. in the morning.
Indians from all over the country immediately began tearing up 2000 pink-
Bite the rupee note-
If this is going to be an announcement about demonizing 2, then the size of the block. 0. 11.
I held my breath and waited for the announcement. 11.
55 as I have had two onion Pakistani dishes in the last ten minutes, I am holding my breath and waiting for the announcement. 12.
Where is the prime minister at fifteen o\'clock P. M?
Worried countries want to know!
It was immediately thought of the decline of London. No dude!
I\'m not talking about Brexit, but a movie where world leaders are held hostage, and Gerrard Butler saved the day as usual. 12. 38 pm Hurrah!
Modiji is safe and healthy.
He\'s just late.
You know how bad traffic is in Delhi these days).
The good news he brought us is that India has successfully tested the-
We are the fourth country to have this expertise.
It\'s really an important moment, just as I was thinking about getting peon out to buy candy for everyone in the office, the pesky Rahulji started waving his \"Congress ka haath\" in the air \", he also expressed his hope for a happy world drama day.
See how much information you can get on a Twitter bench for an hour?
I don\'t even know that we are celebrating the drama today. 6.
On the afternoon of the 30 th, an old friend called me, \'arre, my Tata Sky has stopped working today.
I hope they did not miss the wrong satellite! ’‘Really?
Do you think it\'s possible?
I asked in frustration, and he smiled, \"No, it\'s just a WhatsApp forward around Yar, so calm down. ’8.
I ran to Mummyji\'s house for dinner at 30 p. m. and everyone was talking about the IPL.
Because I don\'t understand the game, I browse the news on my mobile phone.
Within a few minutes, I realized that Chinese checkers seemed very popular this season except cricket, thanks to the fact that our MP and MLAs had a great time jumping from party to party.
Prada joined the BJP.
Former federal minister Sukh Ram and his grandson, Aashray Sharma, went to the BJP coast last year and returned to Congress.
Shatrughan Sinha left the BJP while Tom WADA Kan and BJD leader Damodar of Congress lost to BJP.
\"Mirahan mauka vahaan Mara character Jiao Jia!
Mummyji at the table said it took me a minute to realize that she was talking about Virat Kohli\'s batting ability.
I took out my clothes for early morning yoga at ten o\'clock P. M. the next day and I realized I needed to order a few more T-
The shirt is my favorite 2 pieces and is currently being washed, the only one left in my cupboard is a crumpled blue dress that might just fit the baby.
But my dress code is not as unfortunate as astronaut Anne McLean.
Unlike our successful mission, Shakti, Nasa\'s
The female spacewalk mission proved to be a damp dumb gun as there is no suitable medium sized spaceshipsized Anne.
You see, by default, the suits are all crafted according to the size of the man.
Just to show that we still have considerable gender issues, both literally and visually.
Luckily, my size was quickly searched out by Amazon. Clothing —
Jeans, kurtas and even the space suit
What has evolved is that humans need to maintain protection of these elements, so with this in mind, I ordered Bhi Chowkidar T, which may be the most protective clothing in the current climate, grade 1 saffronshirt.
We \'ve all been told in the good times of the past that an apple a day can keep the doctor away from me, but today there is only one orange day that can keep the troll away from me!
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