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vigil for newborn left in dumpster on christmas eve postponed

by:Teesso     2019-09-17
Expected in the cold-
Forty degrees Celsius, Saturday\'s candlelight vigil for babies found dead in Bowness for Christmas Eve was postponed until later this week.
Vigil organizer Dayna Bramston made the decision on Saturday afternoon, saying it was irresponsible to expect people to attend, given the dangerous cold weather.
The new girl, named Baby Jane, was found dead in a trash can outside the Bowness grocery store at 11: 30. m.
On Christmas Eve
A public message call was released on Boxing Day.
Police say they are worried about their mother\'s health.
Evidence found on the spot suggests that she may be in medical trouble.
The vigil will be held at 7: 00 on Wednesday night, Bramston said. m.
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