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vancouver police warn of distraction thefts after senior targeted in own yard

by:Teesso     2019-08-28
An elderly woman was robbed in her backyard last weekend, and Vancouver police warned the public to pay attention.
On July 20, around 11. m. , a 77-year-
An old woman was doing gardening work in the backyard near the Cedar Cottage, and a man and a woman were sitting in an SUV parking.
The woman got off the bus and approached the victim and forced several pieces of clothing and jewelry into her hands.
The victim refused to accept the jewellery and ordered the woman to leave.
After the vehicle drove away, the victim realized that a gold bracelet was lost on the wrist and was removed during the interaction.
\"These people-they were smooth and tricky,\" said Vancouver police Const . \". Steve Addison.
\"Their goal is for people who they think will be vulnerable.
\"Investigators are now reviewing possible links to other similar crimes in the city.
Those who carry out distraction theft often target older people wearing visible jewelry and work in the team;
A person will usually approach the victim and have a conversation before using the trick, or try to give an uninformed target with a jewelry gift --of-
Take out or exchange the victim\'s own jewelry with his hand and run away in the partner\'s car.
In Vancouver, attention-grabbing \"ups and downs\" are common, says Addison.
Since the 2014 incident, the Vancouver police have issued more than a dozen announcements about the crime;
On Wednesday this year, the police investigated six cases of such theft reported within two days, while on last June, the police received eight reports of such theft within a month.
\"If this happens, call 911.
If you later realize that you have encountered this and it has happened, please call us right away.
\"Don\'t be embarrassed,\" said Addison.
\"You are not the only one who has this happening.
These people are very skilled, cautious and pampered.
Police say the culprit in the July 20 case was driving a four-black sedan. door SUV.
The woman is between 35 and 45 years old, about 5 years old. foot-
3 and Brown, shoulders-
Long hair and olive skin.
She wore a dark flower when the incident happened-
A patterned dress with sandals and bright red nail polish.
This person seems to be a South Asian with a darker skin color.
He wore a black baseball cap and a polo shirt.
Anyone with information about this theft or similar incident was asked to contact the Vancouver police at 604-717-2541.
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