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two men and a port in a storm

by:Teesso     2019-08-26
The industrial dispute in the port of Auckland is Hell: The children\'s Christmas presents are stuck on the dock;
The striking stevedores have sacrificed thousands of people from their potential $91,000 salary; multi-
Maersk and Fonterra chose either Tauranga or Napier.
Importer, exporter, truck driver. . . all hurting.
This has caused serious damage to the golf of the port owner.
He returned from his beach holiday in Papamoa, but he did not attend classes this week.
\"I played only two rounds last year --
The reason is obvious, \"he said.
This is ceo Tony Gibson, the \"$750,000 man\", dressed in a smart suit, crisp white shirt and a $7000 Bulgari watch, sunburned and topped
He has a property in Canterbury, a model family in Wellington, and a rented viaduct apartment.
He often takes part in boxing training and keeps in shape.
\"One of my daughters was recently married and the other one is going to have a wedding in February, so I\'m a poor man,\" he joked . \".
Then Gary Paslow, the union boss.
One man, he left Dunedin at the age of 15 to become a sailor.
He watches football.
He wore a polo shirt with a trade union logo and did not wear a suit.
He wore a gold chain around his neck.
He has an apartment in St castle right around the corner of his office, so he can put into work \"seven days a week\" if I want.
He\'s not so much a boxer.
More like a street fighter.
The men took Oakland for ransom, grinding the engine room of the New Zealand economy to a standstill. But-whaddaya know-
Both thought it was the other party\'s fault.
That was last September, and because the dispute was just beginning, Gibson and parlello had a beer on the right track, a sports bar near the union boss apartment.
Gibson\'s idea was: he called parlello and asked him for a pint. It\'s an old-
Bar for school staff.
You might find the kind of place in parlello, not like Gibson. Wide-
The screen TV plays the car, and the label betting sheet is scattered around the table.
When the lads bet, the two put their heads together
But they never had the hope of an agreement.
\"We had two or three beers that night,\" said parlello . \"
\"But I told him that it did not mean that I would surrender.
\"The fierce industrial disputes have put the two companies in trouble.
Talk about New Zealanders from both ends of the spectrum to the spotlight.
The 67-year-old, as chairman of the Maritime Union, earned $66,000, his old-
The route does not compromise, and when it is difficult for you to find another trade or occupation in a country enjoying this luxury, refuse to give in from an eight-hour shift.
He insisted that it was not a matter of money.
Protect the values of the family.
The union wants a 2.
The basic annual salary is $57,000, and employment security has increased.
After the union rejected a 10-cent salary proposal related to the new rota system --
Rostered shifts are between 5 and 12 hours, and if the vessel arrives at the port early or late, it is possible to call the loading and unloading worker in a short period of time
Gibson has threatened to replace 330 union workers with private contractors.
This is not the first time this proposal has been made: the draft port strategy, which was written before the dispute but leaked this week, suggested the introduction of contractors.
The leaked documents prove that port management has always been a secret agenda, says Mr palslow;
A spokesman for Gibson said it was a draft that did not represent the company\'s policy and that the author had been laid off.
Both are experienced negotiators, each with more than 30 years of experience in finalizing deals in ports around the world.
But they can\'t see the eyes. to-The eyes of Oakland
After the string of 48-
A few hours ago, the fourth round of mediation negotiations failed this week.
There is no sign of a solution.
Instead, it was a new war of words.
Gibson is in the office of Auckland\'s headquarters port, sitting in the center of the pier, watching the company\'s promoters and rocking beds.
He has held various senior shipping company positions in Africa, Asia and Europe-
One-year term as general manager of Maersk New Zealand
Just withdrew the same shipping company for container shipping from Gibson terminal.
Gibson, who has been working for 11 months now, says that despite his extensive experience in the industry, Oakland\'s confrontation is particularly challenging.
\"I \'ve had some experience of organizational change in Europe, but this is probably the most direct dispute I \'ve ever been involved in.
This is also an 11-
Exercise patiently for a month.
He insisted that productivity must increase and profits must increase.
This means replacing a system that can see that the dock is paid more than it takes to complete the loading and unloading of the vessel.
\"There will be no industry in New Zealand or the world that will accept these practices,\" he said . \".
\"Over the years, the performance of ports has been hampered by industrial disputes and current work practices that have hindered productivity.
\"This needs to be sorted out --
Say it again in the end.
He denies his own.
Nonsense is meant to break the Dock Union.
Or he\'s there to cut costs in order to add Port fat for the final saleoff.
He even said that he liked pallello, although the couple had been trading for months.
\"I respect Gary very much,\" he said . \"
\"At the end of the day, he\'s like me, he\'s trying to make a difference, but from a different perspective.
\"I believe we can sit down and have a beer as usual.
\"When he faced the media, his communications manager, Catherine esserich, never left his side and even answered some questions that had been asked to her --flying boss.
When asked about his salary, Gibson seemed dumbfounded.
Before he had a chance to clear his throat, the Ethernet edge went up the pipe: \"This is not an issue of public record, and I think the key is that it is not Tony\'s salary that is being negotiated.
\"Gibson won\'t confirm the report that he made $750,000, which he said doesn\'t matter:\" I\'m not doing this for money, frankly, \"he insisted.
\"I do this because I am passionate about organization and change and I think we can really make a difference.
\"In the whole town, more than the second maritime union office --
At a handmade furniture store near Auckland\'s central business district, parslow was pleased to hear that his opponent had not shown cash in the morning.
\"That\'s good news,\" pallello grinned.
\"They should stop paying him.
This will save the Port a lot of money every year.
\"Paslow believes that Gibson does not want to reach an agreement through negotiations at all.
He accused Gibson of posting misleading information about the wages of dock workers, \"making them look overpaid, lazy,\" sending alarmist letters to employees on Christmas Day, and then going on holiday during the festival, instead of trying to resolve the dispute.
\"He is very heavy --
An absolute bully, \"says parlello.
\"You won\'t go to mediation with the final offer and tell your employees that they will all be rewarded --
You go there to mediate.
\"But, despite the appearance, this is not an old one --
Vintage Industrial standoff.
It\'s more of a PR war.
Both sides want to win public support.
Both sides want to be seen as good people.
Gibson\'s PR lady is friendly and eager to provide information to provide mobile phone numbers for the affected importers, exporters and truck drivers.
She answered questions by email about where Gibson lives and his age.
Parslow also wants to be seen as a settlement and evoke a few reluctant words for his opponent.
\"In fact, I have some sympathy for Tony because I think he was driven by the board and he has got an agenda.
\"He is also under more pressure on him than I am because he is given a ridiculous financial goal,\" he said . \".
It\'s a little different this week on the picketing line.
This is 1951 seaside dispute for high-profile stevedores --
But this time, they are confident to win.
\"Gibson and his entire team are strong and we respect who and what we are facing,\" said Carl Findlay, vice president of the National and Oakland Maritime Union.
\"But members are very pleased with the way Gary handled the dispute.
We will win this game and will do everything we can to do it.
Danny Bersham, 60, has worked in the port for 35 years.
\"Gibson\'s whole ideology seems to be trying to get more production, but he\'s got it, and we \'ve got productivity bonuses over the last five months,\" he said . \".
\"He has said that he has $6 to $8 million to make us redundant, but if that\'s the case, he will spend the money of the people of Auckland like a lollipop, he needs to be taken away.
\"This is the first thing on the morning of the newspaper deadline and an urgent follow-up --
Email pops up.
\"Hi Russell, Tony asked you not to post his actual age in the paper,\" Gibson\'s PR woman pleaded . \".
\"He\'s glad you\'re here. 50s.
I hope so.
Operators using the Auckland Council-
There are more pressing issues with the ports they have: they are not satisfied with the way things are delayed.
\"Now importers are starting to transfer goods to shipping companies that do not use Auckland,\" said Daniel Silva, whose Auckland import business DSL logistics was affected by the strike.
\"The reliability of the supply chain through Auckland has been reduced, which is very bad news for importers and others as goods become more and more expensive.
Silva is also secretary of the New Zealand Association of Importers.
His members now believe that if the dispute cannot be resolved through formal negotiations, management needs to change the way the port operates to resolve it.
More and more Auckland business people share their self-evident view: it\'s time to crush the union.
No one will say it publicly.
After the strikes on 1890 and 1913, and of course the grandfathers of all of them, 1951 of the coastal disputes did not occur.
Now the Port employs fewer people.
But the potential chaos is huge.
The Oakland Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Michael Barnett believes the dispute must be resolved before the city loses its credibility as a major port in the world.
He insisted that in order to compete with other ports in Australia, the city\'s productivity must be improved.
\"Is this a contract?
As the management has suggested, the port needs a model, or can Gary parlello and his union turn around and say they can provide us with this model in other ways?
\"If we can\'t solve this problem urgently, we are endangering Auckland\'s reputation every day,\" Barnett added . \"
\"The deadline is tight, when Ethernet edge sends back emails to several respondents with details of their mobile phone numbers --
The last request was: \"Tony really doesn\'t want his age to grow and hopefully you can pass this on,\" she said.
For the record: Gibson is 57 years old.
Despite making a big profit from Auckland\'s woes, Tauranga\'s port owners did not celebrate.
He supported Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson\'s controversial move to replicate Tauranga\'s 24/7 work practice --
And his tough stance.
Due to ongoing industrial disputes, the shipping giant Maersk transferred its South Star container service to Fengyu Bay, with Auckland Port losing about $20 million a year.
Napier Port plans to protect Fonterra\'s shipping business permanently.
The dairy company says it will transfer its exports.
$27 million per week
From Auckland to Tauranga port and Napier Port, it will be notified separately from the end of this month.
\"It\'s good to have extra business, but it\'s a mixed deal,\" said Cairns, chief executive of Tauranga port.
\"I think Tony Gibson is a good cock and it\'s an interesting thing for a major competitor.
\"But I respect Tony because of the achievements he has made in trying to incorporate labor practices into the 21 st century.
\"Now that the negotiations are broken again, he thinks Gibson has to take a more assertive stance on the pier.
\"I think Tony is trying to achieve a similar working model to ours with his existing workforce, but it looks like he\'s reached the limit,\" Cairns said . \".
\"If he can\'t move forward with the work of the existing workforce and unions, then he has to take more aggressive steps.
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