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toronto maple leafs in playoffs: what does ruin mean?

by:Teesso     2019-09-12
The blog of Leafs fans \"blue from bleeding\":-
The leaves will \"destroy\" the brown bear \". . .
This is the only explanation I have put forward so far for special t-
As our Damian Cox reports, Leaf players wear custom T-shirts
When they tried to work hard in the playoffs, they printed shirts for all the players.
Cox reports that no one knows what the initials acronym, printed on the back of the shirt, mean --
This is the big secret the players have vowed to keep.
Maybe they just gave up \"B\" because they were going to ruin the \"Bruen \".
Or maybe the first letter, acronym. . .
But what does that mean?
Do you have any ideas?
Let us know what you think destruction will or should represent . . . . . . Send me an email with your idea (
@ Alconsiglio of The star. ca ).
The only thing I can think of so far is: running online.
I know it\'s terrible. Go Leafs Go. Cheers. -
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