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To measure what size when the custom t-shirts?

by:Teesso     2020-04-20
Garment cutting is the foundation of making clothes, while 'tailored' is the most basic request in the garment cutting, so we made in T-shirt manufacturer customized t-shirts, t-shirts in order to guarantee to break fit, should be well all parts of the body. The following is to introduce the amount should be taken by Teesso which parts size. To measure what size when the custom t-shirts? 1, length: before making a T-shirt will first need to dress length, when measured by the predecessor left BoGen place, through the chest high, the amount of length, generally to measure to the hand. 2, chest circumference, chest circumference size represents the top class costumes 'type', so at the time of custom t-shirts from shirt outside along the armpit, through the chest the plumpest place, balance amount around a week, and according to the size of T-shirt production need to add put. 3, shoulder width: if you want to make a T-shirt fits well, shoulder width must be a good measure, should pay attention to the measurement on the back, from the back left shoulder bone outside vertex has been quantity to the right shoulder bone side ( Flexible rule in the middle of the back against BoGen slightly into arc) 。 Shoulder width if the quantity is too big, make a T-shirt to wear it can appear loose no spirit, is too small to wear armpit out there will be uncomfortable. 4, long sleeve and cuff: if it is making long sleeve T-shirt, then note also measured the size of the sleeve length and sleeve, by the side outside left shoulder bone vertices quantity for the sleeve length to the jaws of the hand to increase or decrease in the length as required. Cuff when amount of water to amount around the wrist for a week. 5, circumference: in measuring the neckline size, to the throat bones under around a week, and according to the need to put size. Everyone in T-shirt order to measure the size of the above several parts of the body, only using the right way to measure, and obtain precise measurements of the size, can produce the most fitted t-shirts, so, if you want to go to customized t-shirts, then do not bother, well to start cutting all sizes.
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