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tips on getting the perfect smart yet casual look

by:Teesso     2019-08-15
Smart/casual dress code is the bane of every man who becomes a social butterfly.
The need for strokes means that while it is smart and casual, it is not actually needed for both.
For women, intelligence/leisure is much simpler than for men, because women\'s wardrobes can be smart or casual depending on what you wear.
However, the polarization of men\'s wardrobes is more serious.
If the appearance of these words makes you sweat the cold back, then this article is exactly what you need!
We have to deal with clothes, accessories and footwear.
This will help you to master the smart/casual dress code and look stylish in the process.
It is generally believed that a shirt is needed for smart/casual clothing.
For perfect smart/casual etiquette, try a plain shirt with an open collar pattern or under a jumper.
Tie is not usually needed.
If you feel comfortable sitting on a more casual side, you can even choose a polo shirt or a collar-free shirt.
If you like t-
Shirt and then go to a simple style.
TrousersDark dress trousers are a good idea for smart/casual features.
Especially work-related.
The general rule of looking for scale goals is whether scale is related to the office or is it purely a social event --
More personal occasions often give you more room for maneuver.
Casual trousers such as cotton or canvas trousers are also a good choice.
They are a little more formal than jeans, and they will look good with shirts.
JeansIf if you do not want to separate from jeans then you will be happy to know if you have the right jeans to wear on smart/casual features.
Choose a dark, plain color stain with no fashion details or fading.
If you choose jeans, the smart belt is absolutely essential.
Choose a regular leather style with smart and simple buckle rings.
While it\'s OK to make mistakes in a more casual style that you still want to look smart, it\'s better not to rely on too many fashion features.
Shoes are essential when it comes to intelligence/leisure.
At least choose smart leather sneakers with dark colors, but the shoes on the front are probably the best.
Avoid sports coaches at all costs.
These can even destroy the most fashionable smart/casual clothing.
The JacketA jacket is a good idea for most smart/leisure activities.
Most types wear casual suits or fitted jackets if in doubt.
Or, on warm days, a smart jumper or cardigan is enough.
When it comes to smart/casual accessories, it\'s better to stay on the smarter side.
As mentioned earlier, it is worth wearing a smart belt.
Again, a bag should be smarter.
If you wear jewelry, it\'s the best to be simple.
There are many silver chains or gold chains.
If in doubt you simply can\'t explain how smart/casual needs of a particular feature are, ask.
No double shame
Check dress code.
It just shows that you are fashion conscious and want to look good.
If you can\'t ask for it, wear an open collar shirt and fashionable pants and shoes.
This is a basic smart/casual uniform and is great in the middle of the smart/casual slide scale.
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