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tips for traveling with a baby: packing baby clothes

by:Teesso     2019-09-22
In the past month, we have driven more than 4,000 km kilometers and spent ten hours flying --month-
Old, great!
I have learned some knowledge about traveling with babies and I think I should share my tips on packing baby clothes.
By following this strategy (
And rely on buying diapers at our destination)
We have managed to hold on for a week.
Long trip with our son, nothing but carry with you
Luggage for two adults and a baby.
The weather in Canada is unpredictable.
On August, when we packed our bags for the most recent trip through northern BC and Alberta, I knew we could expect the temperature to be between 5 °c (41°F)and 30°C (86°F).
When I was planning costumes for my son, I tried to choose clothes that could take him from a cool morning to a hot afternoon to a cold night.
A successful layered outfit for the summer may include: for my son, I pack 2 full outfits and pajamas a day.
He rarely spends the day in a suit, and if he needs to wear something else after the second change, we will put him in his pajamas.
I also put shoes and jackets in my diaper bag.
To keep your clothes clean for as long as possible, don\'t forget to bring some bib clips!
Packing clothing in self-sealing bags is an old trick of burning people.
When everything around you is dirty and dusty, it\'s great to be able to take out a perfect clean outfit from your bag, all you need is fresh socks and underwear.
Putting baby clothes in plastic bags is great to keep them clean (
Even if you don\'t go to the Black Rock Desert)
But there are several other advantages: I use medium or large freezer bags depending on the size of the garment.
If you are packing your bags for a older child, you may need to move to the oversized bag.
Before putting the bagged clothing into the suitcase, suck out all the air in the bag with a straw.
Now, these clothes take up less space in your luggage!
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