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tiana templeman: cruising, with the med in mind

by:Teesso     2019-08-26
Cruise columnist Tiana Templeman offers some advice on sailing in the Mediterranean.
The Mediterranean cruise is an impressive array of ports full of historical, cultural and natural beauty and is one of the best ways to experience Europe.
However, this destination offers a very different cruise experience from where New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific are closer to home.
First of all, you have the opportunity to experience many different countries and destinations in one trip almost every day.
With so much to see and do, it\'s tempting to lock in the Coast tour at every stop, but don\'t be too excited.
Even if you love architecture very much, if you focus on historic buildings and old forts everywhere, you will soon get tired of it.
Instead, create some diversity in your travel plans.
For example, one day you can visit Ephesus in Turkey and explore the vineyards at the next port.
Mixing it together helps to avoid \"port fatigue\" and make every coast day more enjoyable.
Getting up early is also worth it, but, don\'t worry, there is no need to do so every day of the holiday.
However, it\'s good to set the alarm clock occasionally so you don\'t miss the early unique sights
Early in the morning you can see the beautiful scenery of the smoking Stromboli volcano or Santorini at sunrise.
The Mediterranean port usually takes a lot of roads, and most of them are on rough terrain, such as ancient historical sites or cobblestone streets.
Shoes with good grip and cushion to protect your feet from the rigors of walking on stones and marble for 8 hours a day.
The most important thing is to wear
Put on new shoes before you leave home.
When exploring land, please allow time for local cuisine.
While it seems crazy to eat at the port when you can eat on board for free, you should eat at least a few times in the Mediterranean because the food is great.
Choose a bar or coffee shop with a strong atmosphere where people can watch or enjoy a leisurely lunch in the charming trattoria.
If you don\'t know where to go, stay away from the main tourist area and look for local restaurants.
Just remember to bring clothes that look like that part.
The Mediterranean port is stylish and dining in sneakers and loose shorts can make you feel uncomfortable.
Pack stylish and comfortable clothing and you can peel off the layers as the weather warms up.
You can consider matching chinos or custom shorts for men\'s polo shirts, women can match light trousers and shirts, or beautiful sundress with cardigan.
There are so many different countries to explore on a cruise that it can be tempting to buy souvenirs at each destination along the way.
However, you only spend $33 if there are 10 ports.
Each item has 50 souvenirs, which is a big sum of money that can be used to buy decorations and trinkets.
Also, at the end of the trip, you have to stuff all this stuff into your suitcase in some way.
Stroll through towns such as Venice, Mykonos and Dubrovnik, and immerse yourself in this atmosphere, leaving unforgettable memories of your life, which are free for you.
Do you have any questions about cruising?
Email sundaytravel @ heraldonsunday. co.
New Zealanders and Tiana with cruise lines on the theme line will be able to help.
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