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this summer, flaunt these fashion trends in style - times of india

by:Teesso     2019-09-12
We have listed five summer fashion trends that are suitable for men and how to shape the male image.
Even if men want to wear the best clothes, the size of the summer will be great.
But times are changing.
From adding persistent organic pollutants of color to wearing some edgy and quirky prints to giving age-
The old trend is a turning point of fashion, and the fashion of men is undoubtedly evolving and redefining.
Here are some trends that can illuminate the summer and help turn things around!
From vertical, horizontal, black stripes-
From white to color, stripes have dominated the fashion stage for years and are growing bigger and bigger.
\"If you want to be safe, wear a smart linen jacket with self-woven pinstripes in blue, pigeon gray and white summer tones, or, you can combine a prison stripe or candy stripe shirt with cropped pants to be bold.
\"Classic monochrome stripes will always be stylish,\" says Opines designer Aniket Satam . \".
Designer Diya Rajvvir added, \"In terms of stripes, one can experiment in terms of color, terns and width.
The horizontal stripes in the summer color look great, and for the vertical stripes, it is best to keep them simple and choose black and white tones.
\"Quick Tip stripes in summer tones can be paired with denims or solid color pants or even with linen pants.
If you think the bold color is only for women, think about it. Bold and pop-
The color of Up is also integrated into the men\'s wear group.
\"Add some small elements to everyday wear to adapt to this trend.
For example, look for pop-up colors on pocket squares, jacket liners, cufflinks, ties, bow ties and even socks, \"said designer Harsh Gupta.
However, Aniket believes that \"bright pop-up shades like canary yellow, water Blue, cobalt and poppy red will become huge.
No color blocking route is selected;
Instead, use the tone in the tone team.
The classic rustic, beige, white team is light-colored, giving you a light summer feel.
\"The quick tip will never have nothing to do with the color.
In today\'s time, if you think that only girls will worship celebrities because of some fashion inspiration, then you are wrong.
Even men have become very fashionable, and they are looking forward to being inspired by their favorite celebrities.
With the printing of quirky/manga all over the place, there is no better time to try it than it is now.
Diya Rajvvir added, \"One can see quirky and avant-garde prints on a variety of contours, cuts and curtains.
When a person can eat
In quirk mode, by wearing a different print on the pop-up color, one can also get smaller by wearing a bow
Ties, socks, jackets, and even kurtas with avant-garde prints.
\"Another way to wear quirky prints is to add these prints to the brooch, lapels, pocket square to stimulate the formal look.
A bimetal glossy leather shoe with some quirky elements on it is a great way to wear this style.
\"Small skills start small;
An accent with a quirky print can also be beautifully dressed.
Season colors of Rose Stone and tranquility-
To put it simply, a mix of rose quartz pink and quiet blue.
With this tone on stripes, prints, patterns, accessories, or a matching denim outfit, you can rock the look.
Golf Polo tee, for example-
Beige camel shorts shirt is cool.
Rose quartz suit coat with white shirt is a great choice for summer, even the tranquil blue suit coat.
Beige or linen pants can be paired with a quiet blue or rose quartz shirt, half
Casual formal look.
Wear quick tips for every occasion.
Paired with denims, Trailblazer or plain linen pants.
The print on the print, the print on the print is very popular, the suggestion is strict.
\"Print printing provides a very 3D effect that people can do a lot of experiments.
From the waist coast to shirts, trousers, and even pajamas or causal clothing, the most popular fashion manifesto of the year is the addition of prints to print.
However, make sure you balance it with bold prints and small prints.
Use colors that are harmonious with each other.
\"When worn on outlines such as a pilot jacket and smart Bermuda shorts, the print pattern also looks smart.
Keep it stylish by combining it with white or black to get the most traction.
Follow a single color pattern.
\"People can mix dots with window-glass stripes, floral lines, etc. ,\" Aniket suggests . \".
Quick Tips always mix the main bold prints with the smaller ones to create a cool effect and avoid fashion faux pas.
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