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thief replaced nine warhol prints with fakes, theft went undetected for years

by:Teesso     2019-09-12
Los angeles-Police and court documents showed on Thursday that nine original Andy Warhol prints were quietly stolen from a Los Angeles film company and replaced by fakes from years of undiscovered art theft.
The $350,000 worth of screen prints come from the artist\'s 1983 series of \"endangered species\" and his 1980 \"Jewish portraits\" in the 20 th century \", \"according to a report submitted by the police to the Los Angeles High Court, which is part of the warrant affidavit.
Earlier this week, celebrity website TMZ reported the theft for the first time.
Detective Don Hrycyk, who is in charge of art theft details by Los Angeles police, declined to comment, saying the case was under investigation.
In the affidavit, police said the theft of prints from the film company Moviola\'s premises was so seamless that it was not discovered until one of the pieces was reframed.
The staff of frame company noticed that the printing was vague and the printing number and signature were missing.
According to the affidavit, a special tool is used to remove the frame hung in Moviola because otherwise the walls will be damaged.
Los Angeles police Detective Brent Johnson wrote in his affidavit that it seems that whoever stole the fingerprints replaced them with large color copies.
\"Condor\" is one of the stolen works, sold in October by auction house Bonhams.
25, according to the affidavit.
Court documents show that last month, a judge issued a search warrant to Hans\'s office in Los Angeles state, and investigators were investigating who bought the print and who commissioned it.
Bonhams spokesman Kristin Guiter said police did not search the office, but last month the company responded to a request from investigators to provide information on the \"Condor\" print sold on 2011
She said police did not contact bonhamms about any prints in the \"10 Portraits of Jews in the 20 th century.
\"An official at Moviola did not respond to calls seeking comment.
A report by the Los Angeles police said that fake goods showed that the theft occurred in the past three years, although 2011 auctions of \"Condor\" took place earlier than this.
The \"Ten Portraits of Jews\" series includes Sarah Bernhardt and Martin Buber, while the \"endangered species\" include the big horn sheep and the Northeast Tiger.
It is not clear which pictures of the two series have been stolen.
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