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The tide of custom t-shirts

by:Teesso     2020-04-13
Some jokingly T-shirt, it is to wear in the body of graffiti, also can wear in the upper part of the body as a blog, in fact, as early as the thatcher era, a British designer then sew with feminist colour slogan for the first time on clothes. Since then, a trend which is popular in young avant-garde scope of small and medium-sized. No gender Yves Saint - fashion clothing designers Laurent once said that the famous phrase, 'all 20-year-old girls need a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. From the initial 'T-shirt is equal to ladies bra designed for men's underwear, become today the girl's dress is essential, is also on behalf of numerous differentiated gender fashion. Han edition dress, the T-shirt is not as popular move are drag twirls or crystal charming woman flavour that paillette adorns, most of the time, the gender of T-shirt is due solely to size, like nowadays young people like to wear t-shirts, men and women the same color, same style, even the same design or signs, which is the biggest difference model is S, M, L or XL. To date, there has been no what kind of clothes can be so no differentiation on gender. Although now it also has more sufficient to distinguish between gender detail design, but the fact is still the simplest design is the most popular. Compared with those of other clothing personalized slogan T-shirt is also the most can directly reflects the cultural value of clothing. In one hundred, the same style and fabric to make a T-shirt as a clothing function greatly simplified, reduced to like white became the carrier of culture, while T-shirt conveys cultural content as the main body of its value. The changes of world affairs, an event occurs, t-shirts can always 'reports' news, as soon as possible to convey public opinion; T-shirt is the most personal works of art, people spend a very low price can buy a T-shirt, free to express views on life and world. In this era of emphasis on our own, t-shirts are the most direct expression of various proposals and views, the fastest, and most easily personalized media operation, from the human desire to international events, which left a mark on the T-shirt? See, fashion, art, sports, business, casino, the figure of T-shirt is always active in profusion, let your eye followed a fascinating one. From the civilian to the nobles, the avant-garde state transition to fashion, t-shirts, along the way, all bustling, also accumulate down more classic let we relish.
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