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The structural design of custom t-shirts

by:Teesso     2020-04-13
T-shirts of structure design is simple, design change is usually in the neckline, hem and cuffs, color, design, fabrics, and modelling, t-shirts, vest type, can be divided into a sleeve type open abdominal three forms. Beijing made a T-shirt is the most active category of summer clothing, from housecoat to pop, t-shirts can be freely tie-in, choose the same style as long as the bottoms, you can wear a popular style and emotional appeal. The modelling of early T-shirt is wide, with a short skirt, shorts or jeans, the whole combination shows a healthy and upward dynamic feeling. In recent years, the popular is formfitting small T-shirt, it replaces the big T-shirt customization, and short skirt, short shorts, capris close companions, and sang the theme of summer clothing. The binding energy fully showing women beautiful bodily form, especially abdominal t-shirts, more can show the vitality of youth and health, is popular in summer. Think of T - again The word emblazoned on our culture, also seems to be that there is a kind of promoting export, truly belong to our own kind. The T - Tshirt should have their own personalized design truly, chasing the fashion will never fall. So, so survival expression, so it is with cultural expression. Young people have their own personality and the way in which individual character is generally recognized today, personality T-shirt become fashion. You can follow one's inclinations on the blank t-shirts printed their own design. This summer T-shirt made common collocation method: T-shirt + shorts some hot just below the hip line, height degrees fashionable sexy. The Bohemian permeance of T-shirt + jeans.
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