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The POLO unlined upper garment of popular revolt

by:Teesso     2020-04-29
The polo unlined upper garment of history is long, is still relatively popular in the clothing design. Because it has a classic style, it consists of a specific sport dress evolved into today's most often we wear clothes style. Then easy to wear, like a T-shirt will also be able to create the elegant breath, also is the biggest advantage of polo unlined upper garment. Also, not only have a thread knitted polo shirt collar and cuffs the front two or three button, moderately loose body scarf and sleeve, soft and tension of cotton knitted material if you cling to, proposed to the bottom on that new QQ, above a loose, wears a necklace or unlock after two grain of buttons, so can let bosom don't look so empty. If you already have a POLO shirt, might as well put buttons are solved. In addition, unless for more formal occasions, we do not recommend that the buttons are buttons, everyone can refer to. In addition, there are still a very popular revolt is POLO shirt collar turned up, so it looks very fashionable. But be sure to keep in mind when had better not the collar turned up indoors.
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