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The dress of a few bad habits you avoid?

by:Teesso     2020-05-02
As the saying goes, the tailor makes the man, not false, today's fashion design abnormal prosperous edmond lee, let a person feel a dazzling, if it can be a reasonable collocation, can make you an instant one hundred times more beautiful. In the process of dress collocation, of course, there will be many misconceptions exist, if not, avoid the counterproductive. Don't believe it? Then your view along with fashion editor of Beijing clothing factory. 1, street crazy Leggings, walk in the street, see a lot of female friends are wearing socks, tights, there is no denying the fact this is one of the spring and summer streets active element, look, the eyeful is silk stockings female. But some surprise decorative pattern and color, really make people some at a loss. Look at the collocation of whole effect, upper and lower body obvious discord, so as not to wear. 2, improper mixing mashup believes that many friends have heard of the word, is brought in foreign countries. Since the word mashups become faddish, disorderly dress MM also unprecedented up more, even began to curve of this popular male friends. Cool bunt, must mix build a pair of boots, whether they have hot can't stand? We first not to explore, particularly in the case of passers-by made the hot air becomes more muggy.
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