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The development of custom t-shirts

by:Teesso     2020-04-14
Long ago, a T-shirt is found his voice, and began to speak loudly. In the 1930 s, with players on team USA jerseys and shirts own number and name. And American university entered again into the step, coupled with the school badge on t-shirts. In this way, a T-shirt with the adornment of the design and digital, is no longer just an ordinary clothes, t-shirts, became a media. Politics immediately adopted the cheap and easy to spread the spread of the media, and they believe that this effect is guaranteed. In the party's big event - — Such as the last day of U. S. presidential primaries - — People traditionally wear t-shirts to express their different is this or that the supporters of candidates, and these t-shirts and busy just play the music, the stars and stripes, and fluttered around the poster is commensurate with candidate faces. 。 In 1948, the republican presidential candidate THOMAN E. Is the first to his slogan 'DEW said IT WITH DEWEY' printed on t-shirts. Although this last failed to bring him good luck - — He defeated by democrat HARRY TRUMAN - — But his ideas in the middle of the bull 's-eye, presidential candidates are more or less after the move. Accompany badges, t-shirts, found his position in the field of political slogan propaganda. In the following year's presidential election. The republican DWIGHT D. Dwight EISENHOWER put his photo together with the famous 'I LIKE IKE' printed with the supporters of the T-shirt. In 1960. Candidate JOHN F. KENNEDY's campaign team simply gave up the complex background of the stars and stripes, printed on a more direct and clear information, like a right hook as a direct hit the key: 'KENNEDY as President. 'In New York City in 1992' for 'show at the fashion technology association, said:' the United States of the T-shirt is the symbol of our equality, truth and democracy. 'In 2004, just after the U. S. presidential election, bush and kerry besides tit-for-tat attack each other, also launched a T-shirt war on an unprecedented scale. Through the collection of t-shirts, americans also show their political enthusiasm, these t-shirts printed text from vulgar to ridiculous, everything, really is 'campaign t-shirts phenomenon'. 'God want to fry? 'Against President bush, democratic senator kerry's T-shirt is September to sell the goods to the fire. 'Don't shit' ( NOSUSHIT) : means not to bush. Some republicans don't like this T-shirt very much, these political t-shirts for merchants to earn a big surplus. According to the San Francisco a network marketing company, the report says, this T-shirt sales increased by 300%. Mr Bush's supporters also launched their own T-shirt movement. Conservative website is for sale on a T-shirt that read: 'John rushed down. 'John is the name of John kerry,' rush 'refers to flush the toilet. And a T-shirt emblazoned with the black and white image of George w. bush, top write a way: 'like it or not, please save your opponent. 'In the same year on October 31, is located in durango, Colorado city, fort lewis college teachers play students incident happened in the local, had the cause is associated with a T-shirt. Recently, fort lewis college students marc Mr Daniel to wear a sports T-shirt, T-shirt content on the republican support, also write 'now work for us or for our later work', etc. Outside the school restaurant. Wholeheartedly support the republican President Daniel also smugly to show off. And strongly support the Democrats fort lewis as visiting lecturer maria saw Mr Daniel in republican T-shirt, originally in the mind is not happy, plus the Daniel deliberately to show off in public, she was more angry, then threw stepped forward, towards the Daniel's legs suddenly kicked. Local police have revealed that Mr Daniel is playing the extremely angry to myself, in addition to report the school, he also complained to the media, and prepare to Sue to the court the teacher maria. The secret of the election, voters are protected, but t-shirts loudly shout out of their political views. Is such, in many seminars and meetings, it facilitates the discussion and debate, to maintain the vitality of democracy.
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