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the biggest winners and losers if sears goes out of business

by:Teesso     2019-09-27
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It\'s a damn secret of how dependent some companies are on the dead Sears Holding Company (SHLD)
Their annual sales are X.
You have to think about the collapse of the company, especially now, although Sears released a beautiful press release last Friday, a restructuring of about $1 billion, bringing the stock up 25% to $6. 96.
Believe me on this issue.
After spending a few days trying to figure out this type of information ---
Through contact or careful study of SEC documents--
This guy is empty.
From the various companies of toy maker Mattel, this is too badMAT -Get Report)
Wolverine boots manufacturers around the world (WWW -Get Report)
Be sure to sell a lot of things in Sears and camaras.
In turn, there is a big risk. -
Both the overall risk and the financial risk-
Contact companies in Sears, you need to know about these contacts.
If Sears goes down, write this down. -
Maybe in the next three years-
It will make headlines around the world, and there will be major changes in the company\'s share price.
I call these \"Sears death deals \".
\"According to Bloomberg data, the cost of insuring against the debt of the dying department store has almost doubled in the past month.
The pricing in the credit default market is that Sears will have about 50% chance to miss the debt repayment and possibly go bankrupt within the year --end.
In the face of news of asset sales, shares plunged 30% in January.
Regarding the survival of the company, the market has said some loud words here, people must pay attention to it.
So, if the US company doesn\'t want to share its exposure to Sears, please allow the writer to list all of this for you on a neat list.
None of these names have been traded in sync with Sears so far.
But if you have a strong feeling of Searle\'s death, it may be productive to start betting on these companies.
Happy Friday. You\'re welcome.
If Sears is going to turn off the lights soon because of Sears?
Appliances: instant losers include Whirlpool (WHR -Get Report)and Samsung.
Not only will everyone lose a major distribution channel, but their brand will have to endure months of price cuts due to the closureout sales.
Imagine it as the armor below (UA -Get Report)Effect --
The sports clothing manufacturer has lost its authority in sports.
And other distribution channels, have to experience a wave of discounted inventory at TJX (TJX -Get Report)
Have TJ Maxx and Marshall.
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Tires: not a huge loser because Sears Motor Center has been bad for years but Goodyear (GT -Get Report)
Distribution channels will be lost.
Goodyear is unlikely to be greatly affected.
Costume: get up and pick up your loser right away. Carter\'s (CRI -Get Report)(baby clothes), Sketchers (SKX -Get Report)
Wolverine from all over the worldwork boots)
It is one of Sears\'s most popular clothing retailers. Nike (NKE -Get Report)
There are also in Sears, but not in material terms.
End of the land: one of the biggest losers of Sears\'s possible collapse.
In the third quarter ended October, Landes had 219 stores in Sears. 28.
These shops have been cruel for three months.
Sales in the company\'s retail arm, which consists mainly of Sears stores and its own retail stores, fell by 15.
From $ 2% a year ago to $39. 3 million.
Sales at Sears currently account for about 14% of Lands\' total sales.
All of this will disappear.
Electronics: According to my previous analyst life-
Including the bankruptcy of the Circuit City--
Sears\'s bankruptcy could really push down Microsoft\'s prices. MSFT -Get Report)
Computer, technology accessories more extensive, more-
Samsung screen TV.
Therefore, this not only brings risks to manufacturers, but also risks to Best Buy (BBY -Get Report)--
It may lose business as people shop in Sears.
Camping and sports equipment: Sears claims it is the largest seller of fitness equipment in the United States (
There is nothing to be proud of, because people spend more money to work out in boutique classes and discounted gyms such as Planet Fitness (PLNT -Get Report)).
When Sears goes bankrupt, it can drag Dick\'s Sporting Goods Down (DKS -Get Report)
Exercise business for several consecutive quarters.
It is commendable that in recent years, it has reduced the floor area dedicated to the exercise equipment.
Lawn mower, outdoor terrace equipment: discounts on these items by Sears and Kmart can hurt Home Depot (HD -Get Report)and Lowe\'s (LOW -Get Report)
In the short term.
The same logic applies to the tool business.
Piecemeal: Target\'s (TGT -Get Report)
The most profitable business-
Home and clothing-
Sales may be hurt due to liquidation.
Status of Seritage Growth property--
Top Tenants in Sears-
There\'s a problem.
It\'s time to start betting on this REIT.
If Kmart makes a liquidation sale at Kmart, it will damage some stores: it may be a short term if Kmart goes bankrupt
Long-term disruption to the dollar store, such as the Dollar Tree (DLTR -Get Report)
And grocery stores.
Personal example: I have several Dollar Tree stores around my local Kmart that will temporarily lose my business when I shop at Kmart.
Toy manufacturer: Hasbro (HAS -Get Report), Mattel (MAT -Get Report)
And the Pacific (JAKK -Get Report)(more so Jakks)will be losers.
Toys fight city due to liquidation sales--
This itself continues to struggle with the shift to online shopping. -
Could be hurt. Long-
The long-time winner of Sale\'s death Best Buy: The company will completely dominate the bricks --and-
Mortar electronic business, as well as a small degree of electrical business.
After the liquidation sales of the Circuit City stopped, Best Buy gained a good market share and the chain disappeared.
Home Depot and Lloyd\'s: tools, home installation services (
A very profitable industry that Sears once dominated)
Electrical and outdoor equipment. J. C. Penney (JCP -Get Report)
Basically there are many department stores left in the mall.
It will therefore win a full victory.
Shopping malls: some of the best
Huizhou specialty clothing is like Foot Locker (FL -Get Report)will win.
Sears stores have been vacant for years, and when these places start renting out to traffic --
Open grocery store, movie theater, H & M, Dave & Buster\'s (PLAY -Get Report)
The health center and Dick\'s Sporting Goods can restore traffic to the mall.
Sears has had glorious days in the past.
Look at Sears\'s schedule.
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