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The advantages of pure cotton polo unlined upper garment customization

by:Teesso     2020-04-04
As one of the classic legend in the history of leisure clothing, POLO shirt in western man's wardrobe has been enjoying high share. Because it is neither too casual, like a T-shirt without collar and not serious mechanical like shirt, very suitable for wearing with commercial entertainment occasions. How do you customize cotton polo shirt? Generally have blended and interwoven two kinds of classification methods. The advantage is good wrinkle resistance, is out of shape not easily; Defect is easy to fluff, plus two dyeing, fabrics feel hard. Soft thick, washing out of shape not easily, but more cotton clothing comfort is a bit poor. 65% cotton POLO unlined upper garment fabrics can also, and 35% cotton is poor, very uncomfortable, it is easy to pilling. This is POLO shirt fabrics, which are frequently used is a cost-effective, although unlike other high-grade POLO shirt fabrics, after the special craft processing, but 100% cotton, remain pure cotton superior natural features, close skin sex good, good permeability, hygroscopicity good. If the budget is not much, also want to wear comfortable, this one is a good choice. Of course, some after hair removal, softening and dealing with special craft, 100% cotton, is also belongs to high-grade fabrics. Cotton + lycra ( High quality spandex) Also called lycra cotton, drape, and crease recovery ability, this is a complete implant spandex elastic cotton fabric weaving process. Feel is good, more personal, highlights figure, elastic, especially suitable for close-fitting clothes. Nearly two years began to use in the men's POLO shirt. Generally when doing POLO shirt fabrics, and spandex fabric can only do light alkali mercerization in low temperature. This kind of fabric is more adapted to the personal style of POLO shirt, bone will be less. Pay particular attention to is that the fabric should be shrink water treatment. Made high weaving yarn, mercerized cotton, worsted mercerized cotton fabric with cotton as raw materials, the raw material made of high quality POLO shirt fabrics, not completely preserved the natural characteristic of raw cotton quality, and with a silky luster, fabric soft, wet gas absorption, flexibility and hang down feeling good; Combined with the design and color is rich, comfortable clothes and arbitrary, and fully reflect the temperament of the person that dress and taste. Mercerized cotton and more exquisite, double mercerized cotton fabrics on the workmanship and printing embroidery is different with general clothing. If there are other questions, please continue to focus on Teesso, will bring you unexpected harvest.
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