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The advantages and disadvantages of T-shirt printing ink pyrograph analysis

by:Teesso     2020-04-27
T-shirt printing process heat transfer analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of pyrograph, summer is coming soon, when wearing a T-shirt again. It will soon be the world of the T-shirt street. But, everyone for t-shirts process understanding, know how many? Today to explain the advantages and disadvantages of them. Can be divided into the industrial pyrograph pyrograph thermal transfer, inkjet pyrograph. Industrial pyrograph is suitable for a small operation, need to use large printer to print, boot fee, plate-making fee are high, generally at least 100 copies of the above can be used this process, otherwise the cost too is high. Proofing costs are usually hundreds of yuan. Inkjet pyrograph means need inkjet printer to print on the special transfer printing paper, can piece printing, proofing cost is very cheap, so you just need to several dozens yuan, suit small family factory operations. But it is inefficient, the resolution is also less in craft pyrograph, not suitable for printing of dark clothing. Pyrograph advantages: can printing precision character photos, 3 d game design is very complicated, such as excessive very exquisite design, color can be and very close to the computer design draft. Second, pyrograph faults: fastness of a less, like a piece of leather to stick up feeling, with plastic handle. Not suitable for large-format pattern, because too much don't breathe freely, a little fullness. Pattern, the greater the edges are more likely to become warped up fall off. Also not washing, if the washing machine washing, partial loss can occur easily, advice often wear do not use this process. If long-term wear, the color and delicate degree can compromise, with proper network color printing. Now you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of T-shirt printing process heat transfer pyrograph, the hope can help you!
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