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the 7 dumbest things ever done by airport security

by:Teesso     2019-09-11
If there is a festival ceremony that we all know and hate, it is an airport trip every year, with friendly security guards carrying his X-
He may have another well with his metal detector.
Rubber gloves.
Although we all don\'t want to take a holiday in a terrorist incident (
Unless you live in the universe)
You have to admit that sometimes safety is a little out of control.
Then there are some horror stories. . .
The chest of seven terrorists was safely disarm by PliersMandi Hamlin, who was trying to take off from Lubbock, Texas.
She passed the main security scanner and her various metal piercings did not cause any alarm.
She was then subdued by a female TSA employee and found that her breasts joined al-Qaida without her knowledge.
Obviously I think the metal nipple ring is meant to cover up some kind of implanted chest laser, Hamlin.
There is no problem with one, but the other has to be taken out with pliers.
This is done behind the screen, and (
According to Hamlin)
The male agent stood nearby laughing at her.
The Transport Safety Authority had to say on its own: \"TSA supported the thoroughness of the officials involved, as they were taking action that day to protect passengers and crew members of flights departing from lubock. . .
In the future, TSA will inform passengers that they have the option to resolve the alert by visual inspection of the item, rather than removing the item in question.
\"We think that visual inspection is better than a hands-on approach.
Although it was only a matter of time before al-Qaida developed some kind of toxic nano art that could be launched from these piercings to kill everyone on board.
Or at least in that dream we didn\'t dare to tell the therapist.
Prior to the Hamlin incident, TSA felt it was appropriate to make dozens of women feel comfortable, forcing them to take off their shirts in public, while a female TSA agent felt uncomfortable around the bra
Don\'t worry, ladies, TSA promises to keep you out of patdown.
Unless the metal detector is turned off. . .
All the people named David Nelson are terrorists. You may know that the passenger list of all airlines is not
Flight list, this is TSA once.
The problem is that it turns out that sometimes more than one person in the world has the same name.
So, you can imagine the chaos that broke out when \"David Nelson.
The name is not as unique as the taste, so the result is that a lot of David Nelson is pulled out every time he flies (
Including a David Nelson who was called four times by security guards during a trip).
The process of removing your name from the watchlist does not help, and.
Ironically, a lawyer who worked for ACLU was named. . . David Nelson.
A simpler way to get rid of No. fly list .
Yes, the whole no-
The flight list is based on the idea that terrorists are stupid enough to fly under their own name.
The cutest little terrorist ever!
Now, of course, the whole thing of \"blocking each flyer of the same name\" does not apply to these situations.
Like they didn\'t pull out the little David Nelson\'s kids, did they?
Yes, TSA employees are because of the people who have this name on the federal wanted list. Matthew is five years old.
The agents searched Matthew and his mother\'s belongings.
When the mother went to comfort the upset child, she was told to go back.
Because, you know, the screen shows exactly how he likes to shoot six people at a bank in Reno.
But, hey, we \'ve heard of a child suicide bombing before, right?
It may happen.
Really, can you be too careful?
Yes, yes, you can.
For example, if you not only block a baby online, but also because he shows up online againfly list.
Parents have been put on hold again and again (
Or missed the flight completely)
Waiting for fax passports and other documents to prove their passports and other documentsyear-
The old man is not planning a small terrorist.
\"We only need a butter knife to fly. And the Pilot.
\"Obviously, anyone who protects us at the airline will not let someone else board the plane with a knife.
Of course, TSA plays a safe role by not collecting thousands of Swiss Army knives and other beautiful weapons that can be made in the hands of trained lunatics.
We won\'t complain, will we?
That\'s what Patrick Smith is. he\'s a butter knife.
This is one of the knives they gave you. flight meal.
But what the hell is this crazy guy doing?
Why can\'t he wait for a meal like a normal person?
The airline sent it to him.
Because he works for them. As a pilot.
All of this happened when he was standing there in a pilot uniform.
Surround your mind with this.
If the man was a terrorist and intended to fly into the building, they would pay him to sit there.
With such strict standards, they caught every dangerous knife, right?
He had his pudding after it was confiscated.
As for all the knives they confiscated, you might want to know what will happen to them.
After all, some of these knives are the precious property of the master or beloved biography heir!
So, of course, there\'s a process to get them back. .
3 for the sake of national security, an ankle fracture is obviously a big problem for a metal detector because without a cane, you can\'t tell a person with a leg fracture exactly to jump over.
As a result, TSA provides tracking services for their employees.
Unless, of course, that employee is p * k.
Just ask Lona Dunlap.
She twisted her ankle and crutch.
So what did her friendly local TSA screening staff do?
Resulting in two fractures.
Lona is looking into her legal options and TSA says they take these claims \"very seriously.
\"Then, due to polio in children, who needs braces, crutches and wheelchairs in order to move around.
Unless she drops her pants behind the sheets in the public terminal, she will be prevented from flying.
It sounds like asking them to stand up and do so, which seems impossible for people in wheelchairs.
But, of course, you can only feed your child so much TSA banned liquid for a period of time, as you may have heard.
But what about the children?
Well, TSA certainly allows for \"reasonable\" provision of a large amount of baby food during the trip.
The key word is \"reasonable \".
Can you see what\'s wrong here? Anand V.
Soni and Arati Pratap carry a 10-month-
From Chicago to Manchester, NH.
This is in February, as a fairly smart person, they think there may be some delays between two places known for snow in winter.
So they brought about six cans of Gerbers and 20 ounces of formula, which is from TSA employees.
The supervisor on duty agreed.
They were told they needed a doctor\'s certificate to bring so much food.
They\'re all doctors.
A traveler named Monica Emerson saw it.
Maybe her son is on the watch list.
Or not, because Monica is a former Secret Service agent.
1TSA block dangerous Terroist T-
ShirtRaed Jarrar just wanted to get on his flight.
After all, the director of the Iraq project in charge of global communication is a very busy person.
As a political figure, he was wearing a T-
Shirts in Arabic and English, saying \"we will not be silent.
\"Irony was invented for these situations. because the T-
There was Arabic on the shirt and he was told it was like wearing a T-shirt
The shirt said to the local branch, \"I\'m a bank robber \".
They won\'t let him fly unless he covers the Arabic script with another T-
They think this shirt will offset the Magic plane.
Destroy the power of silk to screen letters. Then the doctor.
Ahmed Farouk, a Canadian national, was kicked off the plane.
It is commendable that the crew who made that call and the TSA agent at the airport realized that it was slow (
But didn\'t realize in time to get him back on the flight, the flight took off without him and stuck him in Denver).
Of course, the airline did not feel bad enough to pay for Farooq\'s return flight the next day, and did not pay for the hotel he checked in before his next flight.
They could at least send him home with a box of confiscated free knives. Or a T-shirt.
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