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texas institutions settle lawsuit in death of baby girl transplanted with liver of wrong blood type.

by:Teesso     2019-09-14
The Dallas Children\'s Medical Center and the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas have settled a lawsuit with a17\'s family. month-
The old baby girl who died after receiving a liver transplant from the wrong parent in 2002. (
Transplant News March 17, 2003.
According to FortWorth Star Telegram, the amount of the settlement was not disclosed.
On August 6, 2002, Jeanella Aranda died after receiving a liver donated by her father that had been mistakenly transplanted.
The baby should get the liver from the mother, but her parents\' blood test was labeled incorrectly in the children\'s hospital lab, causing the father to be incorrectly designated as a suitable donor.
After the settlement was announced, officials at the Children\'s Hospital issued a statement stating that the hospital had been subjected to \"exhaustive\" reviews by a number of independent agencies, including the Texas Department of Health.
Children said in a press release: \"Changes in the implementation of the child\'s election since the Aranda case include new relationships with Carter\'s blood care, as well as administrative and medical care for all solid organ transplant programs
Officials at the Baylor Medical Center declined to comment on the issue.
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