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teed off: death to the ugly golf shirt

by:Teesso     2019-11-05
You \'ve seen them shake the streets of the city.
Polluting Tony Boyce
Draw the administrative vitality from the Office suite.
I\'m talking about the offensive Tony Soprano.
Stylish golf shirt that appears when the temperature rises above 60 degrees.
Dazzling prints, tacky textures, annoying color schemes, and cantaloupe-sized signs to commemorate events such as the Midwest bank Fry, 2003 turning decent men into fashion debtI know. I know.
Men seek comfort and simplicity.
And they can avoid wearing a uniform golf shirt. eek! )
Style statement, integrated into the environment.
But what puzzles me is that smart, successful men can\'t distinguish between stylish polo shirts and flinch
Cheesy golf shirt.
The guy who often wears ugly golf shirts is paranoid.
They may have won the championship on LSATs, but they failed on the style 101 of the color clash.
How does the ugly golf jersey turn into Christian Louboutin in the conference room?
A group of cocktails
Despicable peaks of mentality, aesthetic avoidance and corporate golf outing.
Elite sports and golf stars like Bobby Jones and Sam sneered.
Even now, PGA celebrities like Trevor imelman and Tiger Woods are talking about the classic streamlined look.
There\'s a disconnect here: the guys who are aesthetically deprived of their rights equate the concept of a golf shirt with a successful country club image. Golf Shirt-
Erattis works with jeans, shorts, swimsuits, kha pants and suit pants to use practicality and unparalleled comfort as a reason for their preference for clothing.
That piece of resistance is fear.
The loud colors and horizontal stripes contrast sharply with the ghostly paleness of winter\'s arms and neck.
On the streets of any American city, I see handsome men who look like Coates in their 70 s due to harmful prints and oversized logo shirts. The irony?
These people made a style statement.
They have always believed that American men have the complexity of general stumps.
I don\'t mind a man wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt without injury.
But American men need to tear the next page of chic pages from the European costume script and limit their selection to clean solid and classic, rounded stripes.
There are designers (
Burberry, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and DKNY)
Sports manufacturers produce golf shirts at every price point, and there is no reason to make the golf shirts lame and dizzy.
Is the style OK?
Dump swamps for Eagles with these rules: corporate golf gear is the axis of fashion evil and should be banned from entering American wardrobes.
When the design team develops a golf shirt for professionals, the manufacturer of the free company golf shirt (
The same person who will sell the brand Notebook)
Craft look based on the color and pattern selected from E!
Fashion Police replay
A large number of lost gears must be avoided at all costs.
Subscribe to male fashion and recruit wives and girlfriends to help dump all the shirts that cause even a slight face change.
Start the new basic polo and/or golf shirt collection with no poly/cotton mix and potentially dangerous color schemes.
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