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T-shirts printed on the content of the more the better?

by:Teesso     2020-04-04
Customized personality T-shirt, little not to print some relevant design elements on the clothes, some people like the position of the as long as it can print on t-shirts are printed, like chest, back, left and right sides cuffs, hem, even the more the better. In fact, no matter you are wearing, or advertising t-shirts, the content printed on the clothes is not the more the better, highlight a theme. Believe that we all know that a lot of big t-shirts, they on t-shirts, really is very simple, like NIKE, many T-shirt only a logo logo, uniqlo, a lot of T-shirt printing (nothing Except for joint series) 。 Custom do T-shirt over the years, we have experienced all kinds of customers, most of customers printing content is not many, some clients in the left chest print a small logo logo, simple and agile. But if like use advertising t-shirts, usually printed is larger, so far, can see the contents of advertisements, convenient others in printing content is too small, cannot have the effect of advertising. As to exactly what kind of print on t-shirts, printed much good? This is to be considered a T-shirt usage scenarios. Because the printing content also has relationship with the price, the more the position of the printing, design, the greater the cost will increase.
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