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T-shirts of cleaning and maintenance

by:Teesso     2020-04-27
深圳市Teesso服装有限公司 , LTD as a collection of professional development design, production and sales in a body modern uniform enterprise, maintenance methods have a certain understanding to the Clothing, Shenzhen Teesso Clothing CO. , LTD adhering to the customer first, quality first, service fine, wholeheartedly for the customer service! Here are T-shirt by Teesso to tell you about cleaning and maintenance. 1 round collar T-shirt collar is commonly rib collar, it has good elasticity, but such as pulling too much, easy to make the rib is difficult to reply, will cause the collar deformation after many times, to prevent deformation, the hanger when drying into a T-shirt from good feet, don't pull round collar. 2 don't use too hot water washing when catharsis, lest make rubber paddle accelerated aging, T-shirt when ironing, don't direct hot printing parts, can be in opposite ironing, don't too hard, spray a small amount of steam. 3 when catharsis if not necessary, do not use bleach, domestic detergent usually have bleach, such as high content detergent cannot put more, to prevent discoloration. Detergent usually have jade-like stone optical brightening agent, in order to make more white after washing clothes, but as the amount is too large or after many times, cloth strength decreases, the fabric feel will harden. Usually have 4 T-shirt printing design, to make colorful patterns, are generally use rubber paddle printing, rubber paddle printing feel is hard, rub to printing parts when washing, lest the rubber paddle printing crack, fall off. 5 to prevent deformation, drying clothes before dehydration, do not force by hand as far as possible dry. 6 air to stop the sun insolates, lest cause fade, some of the T-shirt is made of elastic fabrics, in the sun insolates, can make the elastic fibers in the fabric embrittlement, elasticity and strength reduced. Teesso is famous T-shirt manufacturer in China, specializing in overalls, customized staff uniforms, custom tooling, customized uniforms, work clothes made to order, work clothing, custom tooling, enterprises overalls, uniforms, custom clothing style. Style fashion, the selection of fabrics, fine workmanship, and provide the Logo embroidery, printing, TeTi characteristic service, etc.
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