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T-shirts made common fabrics

by:Teesso     2020-04-25
T-shirt order what are the common fabrics, many clients in customized t-shirts with the fabric is not very good, here to parse for everyone: 1, double mercerized cotton to after singeing, mercerizing and mercerized yarn as raw materials, pure cotton double mercerized fabric is' double double wire burning pure cotton products. Reference CAD computer aided design system and CAM computer aided production systems, fast pattern of the T-shirt fabric weave design, of grey cloth again after singeing, mercerizing, after a series of finishing, producing the high-grade T-shirt fabrics, the cloth texture clear, design novel, the luster bright, feel is smooth, mercerized cotton superior, but due to two silk finishing, the price is a bit expensive. 2, pure cotton material properties: belonging to the hydrophilic fiber, strong water absorption and quick drying. With medium strength of the fiber, there are 3. Five to four. The tensile strength of 0 g/d, but when wet strength is increased by 10%, making it a wash of the fiber. Thermal conduction is good, the trouble did not produce static electricity. Advantages: a) Absorb sweat heat dissipation, the unit price is relatively low; b) Thermal conduction is good, no static electricity; c) Can withstand strong acid not alkali washing detergent. The bad: a) Tensile elasticity is poor and easy wrinkle; b) There are under the influence of water shrinkage in the early years of the phenomenon, after washing the clothes will be crumpled, smaller or larger; c) Are susceptible to mildew and violation of the moth; d) Khan acid can damage to cotton, cotton strength reduction, prone - yellow phenomenon. 3, CVC characteristics: 70% cotton and 30% of man-made fibre blended. Advantages: cotton wicking effect, had the characteristics of man-made fiber shape. Disadvantages: touch the poor. Tetolon, 1, material: polyester, polyester fiber 2, advantages: simple sense and good in resistance to the sun, the water washing is not easy to deformation and friction resistance is good. 3, disadvantages: can produce electrostatic and cottony ball, don't absorb sweat. 4, lycra nylon, spandex. Leica, after all is a rubber band in fabrics, make elastic fabrics. A lot of added 5% cotton fabric 10% lycra, spandex. This fabric has certain elasticity, can be tailored to fit some clothing, but no constraint, wearing comfort. Elastic fibers not cloth, fabric are all composed of components. That is about T-shirt fabrics parsed in detail, I believe you all know, the hope can help you!
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