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T-shirts custom how to measure the size?

by:Teesso     2020-04-23
In the right size when the custom t-shirts is very important, enterprise in custom t-shirts should amount to customize the right T-shirt. Teesso has rich experience in custom t-shirts. Below to introduce some knowledge of the T-shirt quantity body. 1, asked quantity body stand up straight, natural posture, don't take a deep breath. 2, circumference chest circumference, waistline to relax the belt by the quantity. 3, wai transverse degrees, tape measure should be paid attention to is not too loose or too tight, must keep level. 4, different size have different requirements, size of body fat is not too fat or too thin, thin size to appropriate well -off. 5, when quantity body should pay attention to observe the shape characteristics, special parts, please indicate for cutting as a reference. 6, when the quantity body to order, so as to avoid leakage. Above the enterprise according to the requirements of their own t-shirts custom, there is any problem in custom may at any time inquire.
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