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T-shirts count the more the better

by:Teesso     2020-04-22
T-shirt count more many more good? Gram is higher, the better? Many clients in customized t-shirts will encounter this problem, when parsing Teesso to you about the following: 1, what is the gram weight? G the greater the degree of thickness of gram of commonly used to represent the fabric clothes more thick. T-shirts, generally between 160 grams to 220 grams, too thin dress can seem a bit transparent, too thick will feel hot feeling, wearing generally choose 180 - 280 is preferred. ( A 180 - with short sleeves 220 g is given priority to the dress just right, the thickness of long sleeve T-shirt generally choose 260 grams of fabrics, thick) 。 2, what is the number? Definition: the male weight for a pound of cotton yarn with the length of the code number. Coarse yarn: 18 and under pure cotton yarn, mainly used for cotton fabric weaving thick fabric or fleece loop. Medium yarn: 19 - 29 of pure cotton yarn, mainly for the general requirements of knitted garments. Fine yarn: 30 - The 60 of pure cotton yarn. Mainly used in high-grade knit fabrics, the higher the number the more soft, T-shirt is commonly 21 and 32. Count is a kind of way of yarn thickness, specification of professional explanation is man, also can not understand the meaning, in order to facilitate understanding, for example, one or two made 30 root length of 1 m of yarn of cotton, which is 30; One or two made 40 root length of 1 m of yarn cotton, that is 40. Usually in the imperial count ( S) Said that in male (under the condition of moisture regain 8. 5%) For a pound of yarn, the weight, how many each twisted yarn length of 840 yards, is how many count. Count has to do with the length and weight of the yarn. The higher the count of the yarn, yarn is more thin, weave cloth is more thin, relatively more soft and comfortable. If both high count and high g is impossible, just like with a very fine silk spinning and weaving a very thick a denim, it is not realistic!
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