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by:Teesso     2020-04-23
How to identify the fabric pilling? Many customers are concerned about the problem of custom t-shirts will play a ball, so today Teesso's thoughts and share with you: a t-shirts, the ball or not is to look at the three aspects: the technology of cotton, cotton yarn fabrics, yarn weaving length. General common process if use yarn weaving length is short, high quantity of cotton T-shirt fabrics pilling is not, because of the high cotton content of t-shirts generally has very good antistatic function, can absorb part of the moisture. Another short yarn cotton content and less t-shirts are more prone to static electricity, the electrostatic effect on the fiber will bounce back and lead to the fabric pilling, like many factories to use the TC fabric pilling; Then there is the yarn length, including cotton and even less does not contain the fabrics of cotton, if can use mercerizing, calender, reduce the friction between the yarn, the fabric is not the ball! Second, pure cotton T-shirt though not easy pilling, but also need maintenance. Fabric pilling will also look at the ball, for example, the wool fabric surface is more, the quality of a material is relatively soft, it is easy to stick, and then the ball is inevitable, just pay attention to maintain it can better prevention, can choose a few cotton texture better fabric is not easy pilling, and poor quality of the fabric was conducted after put on the friction is very easy to pilling, and it's easy to let the ball more and more big. Teesso custom t-shirts to choose high-grade quality fabrics, while higher cost relatively ordinary fabrics, but not everyone feared pilling problem, in addition, we have the professional clothes consultant agency problems such as some fabrics for you, welcome your consultation
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