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by:Teesso     2020-04-17
Customized t-shirts, generally choose the fabric, there is a kind of common fabrics are often mentioned by people, it is fast drying ( Quick-drying t-shirts) , the origin of the quick-drying fabric quick-drying: so-called quick-drying is actually made up of the QUICK - in English DRY or DRY EASY and similar words of literal translation, and quick-drying refers to the clothing and hair or cotton fabric clothing, compared to the outside world under the same conditions of, more EASY to moisture volatilizes, dry faster. Quick-drying clothes just as its name implies is the clothes dry faster, it is not my sweat absorption, but will sweat quickly transferred to the surface of the clothes, through the air circulation will sweat evaporates, so as to achieve the aim of quick-drying, the average speed drying drying speed is 50% faster than cotton fabric. Quick-drying clothes are mostly made from chemical fiber fabrics, just because of the different processing technology, make its have the ordinary clothes, do not have the magical effect. Speed dry clothing absorbent is not high, permeability is good, Owing to the different material) Is, to some extent, prevent splashing water in body temperature after being wet or under the action of wind, compared with the ordinary clothes drying speed is faster.
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