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T-shirt pyrograph pattern of washing and maintenance method

by:Teesso     2020-04-22
Generally we wear t-shirts are more or less are patterned, but this kind of design are generally printed, so we in the cleaning and maintenance in the future must pay attention to oh, today about pyrograph design T-shirt washing and maintenance methods. T-shirts custom 1, just good custom t-shirts will feel a little bit hard, you will become soft after wash. 2, new processing t-shirts will be in 48 hours after washing. 3, do not use hand rub T-shirt pyrograph pattern surface, pyrograph surface material will not adhere to stolen goods. 4, do not use detergent containing bleach to wash. 5, as far as possible do not use washing machine, when using a washing machine will pyrograph T-shirt designs that surface turn to reverse wash again. 6, after washing, immediately from the washing machine, do not use dryer to dry. 7, to dry naturally, don't put pyrograph t-shirts in the sun exposure. 8, if wrinkles in clothes need, before the perm will isolate paper ( With glossy paper) On pyrograph pattern, do not iron directly on design.
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