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T-shirt printing what material

by:Teesso     2020-04-27
Activities we do shirt.com.cn/t-shirt' target='_blank'>T-shirt is always wearing a costume, made in the above will be printed on our logo or some slogans, so the words and pictures is what material, how to print on? A, commonly used silk screen printing, it is the colour of astronomy four-color press CMKY color separation, there is tonal depth change in each color version with hanging branches, with different size and density of different outlets to express the change of levels, so as to achieve the effect of color gradients. And through the four color dot overprint, can print a full color design. That is silk screen printing T-shirt printing process printing with the best means of gradient layers of color design. Physical properties limited to dot is too small, the number of wire mesh, four-color network printing effect can't reach the effect of pyrograph, however, it than pyrograph t-shirts to save a lot of a lot of time is long, washing resistance, feel body feeling better, large quantities of printing cost is low. Second, the emergence of mucilage and are widely used in water slurry, because of its coverage is very good, make dark clothing can also be printed on any light color, and has certain gloss and stereo feeling, make the garment look more high-grade, so it spread rapidly, almost every piece of printed t-shirts will use it. But because it has a certain hardness, so not suitable for large area field pattern of the design of large area had better water slurry printing, then some mucilage ornament, both to solve the problem of large plastic starched, and can highlight design levels; Another way is to blank area of the field design, make the bad effect, but it is a bit hard all the time, so suggest it is better to water, mucilage binding to solve the problem of large area printing is better.
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