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T-shirt order three version

by:Teesso     2020-04-20
shirt.com.cn/t-shirt' target='_blank'>T-shirt order fabrics were varied, so when the custom must according to the nature of working environment and work time and work to consider, such as different fabrics in different places is different, the ratio of the t-shirts custom, it must be considered in the water absorption, moisture resistance and permeability, they will directly decide the entire clothing comfort, Beijing T-shirt order also can be divided into three types, you choose custom according to actual situation. ( 1) Tight type: type tight T-shirt is based on the body's natural shape and form of clothing modelling characteristics, such as gym suit, workout clothes, swimwear, etc. Material selection is usually have certain elastic knitting fabric, the edge of the design style is mainly manifested in the clothing processing, colour collocation and flower-like pattern. Such as gym suit, swimwear, fitness, etc. ( 2) Fit type: type T-shirt fit clothing is according to the body's natural shape, through the waist and shoulder pads of clothing, way to cover up or adjustment, cultivate one's morality makes clothes. T-shirt fitted dresses type is mainly used in the etiquette T-shirt, T-shirt is solemn, generous, elegant features. Design of garment structure, every line of using and changing the style characteristics. Type parts, such as collar, placket, pockets, hem shape change can affect the style of clothing and use function. ( 3) Frame: frame come loose clothing is according to the basic form of human body to form clothing modelling characteristics. T-shirt is mainly used in special industries, such as anti bacteria, anti radiation, anti-static clothing, etc. This T-shirt customized products are usually adopt conjoined ( The body) Closed design, in order to adapt to physical activity at work, increasing stature and minimize structure of sewing thread. The style model depends on functional needs. T-shirt mainly is divided into the above three, between them, or without any custom business products by different scenarios are very different, especially for industrial sites T-shirt, choose fit or loose product as far as possible, avoid produce tension during labor, and even affect the labor, lower efficiency, and as a culture of enterprise, can choose appropriate tight type to highlight the figure, improve staff quality of image.
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