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T-shirt is how to test the quality

by:Teesso     2020-04-22
T-shirt how to check the quality, how about in the process of custom custom super good quality t-shirts? Summarizes the following three points: first, we need to see the fabrics of custom t-shirts, we all know that the fabric quality directly determines the quality of culture, are using texture soft, feel is good fabric. The most common is cotton, not only quality of a material soft and breathable. Second, and then see if custom t-shirts needle neat. Generally make a good t-shirts, manufacturer of t-shirts on the requirements of the needle and thread is also very high, if stitch evenly close this also can see the quality of the guanggu shan. Third, finally see how the effect of water washing, some poor quality custom t-shirts, as long as the wash water shrink, fade, fall pattern. If it is a good quality T-shirt, a T-shirt design watermark effect, general won't appear fade, deformation pattern, and so on and so forth. These are important to note that.
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