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T-shirt gram is how to calculate? Is the weight of a piece of clothing?

by:Teesso     2020-04-28
If you when to buy clothes, may find that a noun: g. As the weight of every square metre gram is fabrics, such as shirt.com.cn/t-shirt' target='_blank'>t-shirts, 180 grams, 200 grams, etc. , which represents the fabric weight per square meter, do this dress is not the weight of the dress, because a dress may not one meter of the fabric, or more than one metre fabrics, such as clothes some places use the double cloth. Actually very good identification gram weight, as long as remember the fabric is thicker, gram must be higher. To note here is that if the fabric is thick, then its yarn count will be smaller, because the yarn count is small, so coarse yarn, fabrics relatively more thick, but the fabric must be fine, as mobile phone screen pixels, the higher the resolution, image display, the lower the resolution, the heavier particles are. As summer wear t-shirts, generally choose g is 180 - 220 is more suitable.
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