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T-shirt fabrics, yarn count, the higher the better

by:Teesso     2020-04-19
The so-called yarn, cotton yarn count, yarn count is the most basic unit of finished fabric, is inversely proportional to the number of yarn count and its thickness, the greater the number of yarn is more thin, and the corresponding to the quality request of raw material is also higher. As we all know, is composed of loose yarn textile fabrics, the greater the count of yarn is fine, so the more yarn woven fabric needs, and the woven fabric is exquisite, for example, some 40 than 26 one of yarn and fine, but there is one problem is that the higher the count, woven fabrics will be more thin, although feel with softness improved, but there is a risk of a trainspotter, especially white. For t-shirts, the yarn count usually have 21, 26, 32 and 40 branch, etc. , of which 26 and 32 products, if use eyes to observe, to identify the gap, but could not determine the specific number. So a T-shirt, yarn count in 21 - commonly Between 32 is ok, like uniqlo UT also between the yarn count, and uniqlo t-shirts are mostly made of pure cotton fabrics. The fabrics of high yarn count, generally as a close-fitting clothing was quite good, like underwear, bedding, etc.
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