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T-shirt fabric color problem

by:Teesso     2020-04-21
Where both custom t-shirts, deep color of the uniform sometimes appear in the first few times of washing sometimes rub off situation, there are a lot of enterprises may think this work clothing fabric have quality problem. Want to tell you, that happens sometimes floating color fabrics need not nervous, this is normal! At present most deep color clothes of contain cotton fabrics usually have floating color, the so-called floating color using professional predicate is refers to contain two or more paint of paint, after application of a variety of paint of one or more of the following is separated out by higher proportion, and float to the surface of a coating, this kind of phenomenon, known as the floating color. Actually we can understand for the custom at the time of printing and dyeing fabrics, some residual dye on the fabric fiber can't be cleaned up, and later in the clothing after consumers in the first few times when catharsis of rub off. Currently on the market, either dark or light color contain cotton class custom fabric will have floating color, actually just dark fabrics when they are more likely to be discovered, and light color fabric is not easy to rub off we were found, usually at the time of custom black, dark blue, red, purple, and so on are more likely to have floating color dark T-shirt. Floating color is usually in the first few times washing rub off condition is found, especially for the first time washing should be the most serious, later will be less than a drop at a time. If still keep discoloration is very serious, that means your custom t-shirts instead of floating color rub off, belongs to the quality problem. The hope can help you!
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