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by:Teesso     2020-04-26
T-shirt order maintenance knowledge short answer in different fabrics, printed t-shirts point which the daily maintenance of pay attention to? A, printing an pulling, do not knead, twists the printed an ironing, prevent fall off printed rib fabric has good elasticity, printed in pulling too prone to falls off phenomenon. Not hot iron 2, elastic fabrics, fabric elasticity is drifting, prevent injury can damage the fabric elastic some is using core-spun yarn woven elastic fabric, yarn is fluffy, cloth wool cloth with soft nap is more, when catharsis don't overweight, prevent excessive fluff. Do not insolate, prevent the fabric elastic damage. Three, washing not overweight, don't, together with other thick clothes washing, prevent deformation, napping is overweight and hook, bruising, best separate washing organization thin thin fabrics, fabric elasticity is low, nissan when wearing hook yarn, pay attention to prevent hard objects causing hole frivolous fabrics easy to deformation, do not pull too big when wearing.
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